Choosing Between Various Dark Wood Floors

When it comes to deciding between various types of dark wood floors, there are a few things that you can do in order to ensure that you make the best possible choice. Not only will the tips listed below help you decide which type of flooring to go with but they’ll also help you pick the type of flooring that will look the best, feel the best, and give your home a great atmosphere that will turn quite a few heads. While there are many different types of dark wood floors, you’ll find that the tips below only cover the most popular types for two reasons. They look the best and they are the most commonly used floors.

The different variations

best dark wood floors

  • The first type of flooring to be considered is dark hard wood floors. Anything that is dark in general regardless of the exact color will look good in most any home. Consider adding this type of flooring to your den, home library, or let it flow through entire room in the hallways.
  • Getting into the specifics, another option that you have is to go with dark cherry wood floors. These particularly stand out in older homes or homes that have large staircases in them.
  • Dark brown wood floors work particularly well in log cabins and vacation homes. It may not be something that you want to see every single day but it is something that will relax you a few times out of the year and some people even claim that this type of flooring reduces stress.

great affordable wood floors plus

  • The last type of flooring to be considered is wood floors plus a unique finish. What this basically means is that you can go with a stained finish, a natural finish or whatever satisfies your taste.

Benefits and advantages

So, with all of this being said, there are many different types of dark wood floors to choose from. Regardless of whether you go with a cherry colored floor or something that is in the dark brown range, you’ll find that wood flooring is something that not only stands the test of time but looks great to mostly anyone.

best dark hard wood floors

Wood flooring has long been something that has been considered tasteful, visually appealing, and more importantly, durable. Unlike carpet, you don’t have to worry about tracking in mud, buying an expensive vacuum cleaner, or matching the colors of your furniture. This means less cost of maintenance and you even get to mix and match it well along with other things and decorations inside the home.

Wood flooring is universal and goes with any color. Now, all you have to do is decide what type of flooring is right for you and while that may prove to be a daunting task. No need to hurry, keep in mind that you have all the time in the world to make a decision. It may take you months to decide but if you put your trust in a flooring expert, you’ll find that you end up with the best possible choice for your home, office, business, or weekend retreat.

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Making the switch

So, what are you waiting for? Compare the different types of dark wood floors listed above and see what you can come up with. Chances are, you’ll be asking yourself why you never considered getting new flooring before. In fact, once people make the switch, they usually never go back to something else like laminate, carpet or tile flooring. Dark wood flooring is definitely an answered prayer to those looking for something durable, affordable and visually appealing. Don’t forget to choose only the most reliable contractors and companies when it comes to this kind of project.

Main Types of Cheap Wood Flooring

Most homeowners prefer to use cheap wood flooring for their houses because of its warm coloring, natural beauty and its easy refinishing. With proper maintenance, wood flooring can last long without requiring refinishing, smoothing and even without being applied new varnish coat. However, the styles, prices, cost and finishes are very significant when it comes to cheap wood flooring installation. Here are some of the factors to consider when you choose cheap wood flooring ideas.

The best wood species for flooring

When selecting the type of wood, pay more attention to the overall cost of the wood as well as its durability because the available species differ substantially. Some popular wood species include:

best cheap wood flooring

White oak

This hardwood has a beautiful gray, brown color; it is also more durable and harder than the red oak.

Red oak

It is popular flooring in the United States. The red oak resists wear very well.


The birch has variety of colors, which makes it unique. It is also strong but not like the red and white oak


The pine has a yellow warm cast with beautiful knots and swirls. It is preferred because of its high resistance to insects.

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Types of wood floor finishes

Penetrating finishes and surface finishes are the common types of finishes commonly used on wood floors. Surface finishes are easy to maintain, beautiful and they increase the floor durability hence more common than penetrating finishes.

Wood flooring cost

Find out an estimated cost of wood flooring installation. Ensure the cost includes all the charges including delivery, demolition, furniture removal and subfloor preparation.

Types of hardwood flooring

There are three main types of wood flooring

Cheap engineered wood flooring

most cheap laminate wood flooring

Each piece of cheap engineered wood flooring has two layers of wood. Only the top layer can be seen after installation. The top layer is attached to the lower layer, the core. Most people think that the engineered wood is similar to the veneer, vinyl and laminate flooring which is not true as the engineered wood is made of real wood in two separate pieces.

Cheap laminate wood flooring

Laminate flooring have the look of stone or hardwood flooring but they require less maintenance. They are made of wood particles or high-density fiber and have a laminate cover, which looks like stone or wood. A hard layer, which is placed on the top, gives the laminate floor its durability. Cheap laminate wood flooring is also easy to install and they increase the resale value of a home hence being preferred by most homeowners.

Wood floors plus

Wood floors plus is another type of wood flooring. They are to quality and with a high durability.

get cheap engineered wood flooring online

Once you have decided the type of wood flooring to go for, you should then decide how you want the wood to be cut. The different patterns are.

  • Strip flooring is usually cut at a width that is set and each piece thickness may vary. 

  • Plank flooring, the width vary while it has only two thickness variations.

  • Parquet flooring is arranged in different patterns with the different planks held together using an adhesive

Cheap wood flooring is a great option for making a beautiful house. If you maintain the flooring, it can last for a very long time. You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash and drain your life savings for your house. If you know how to take care of your things then you are rest assured of a long lasting home interior and designs.

Advantages of Installing Acacia Wood Flooring

Owing to its breathtaking beauty and elegance, acacia wood flooring is a preferred flooring option among homeowners. The unique swirling patterns and outstanding color variations have made it popular among the masses. It is a worthy investment for a homeowner who has a new home or having a renovating project for any part of the house. Here are some of the benefits of acacia engineered wood flooring.

solid acacia wood flooring

Warm and Attractive Appearance

Those who are concerned more about the beauty of their home décor cannot do away with the option of installing acacia wood flooring in their homes. Thin grain of acacia gives a warm feel to your home. But, like all the other hardwood floors, acacia also needs a proper care. If you want your acacia floor to look appealing for a long time, you have to clean it at regular intervals.

Durability and Longevity

As per acacia wood flooring reviews, these floors last for a longer time than the floors made up of other materials. So, if you want genuine value for your money, you should go for floors made up of acacia. These hardwood floors are very sturdy and last for many years.

oaked wood floors plus

Available in Stunningly Rich Colors

If your particular about the color of your floors, acacia wood flooring will be the best option for you. You have the choice to get hold of your own color from the large variety available. Some of the popular choices are: butter cream, caramel, golden brown and a lot more. Homeowners can also choose to customize the look of their floor. When you have this advantage considering the quality of this material, you have easily nailed a jackpot and you interior will look magnificent.

Resistant to Warping and Pressure

The floor is resistant to pressure and warping. These floors can sustain the huge pressure of huge traffic without getting damaged. Although, acacia wood floors can be stained and made to resemble the most luxurious and ultra expensive hardwoods but its natural finish is more appealing. You can’t deny the fact that moisture is the biggest concern of every homeowner for their wood flooring. It’s nice to know that this type is up for the challenge anytime.

about acacia wood flooring reviews

Perfect Blend of Class and Durability

The best thing about Acacia wood flooring is that it combines class and durability. It looks extremely appealing, like other exotic hardwoods do not cost you much and lasts for many years. Owing to its multiple benefits, it has become one of the most sought after flooring choices among homeowners.

Very Easy to Install

Engineered acacia wood floors are easy to install. They are specially designed for easy installation over your existing floors. There is absolutely no need of gluing and nailing them. There are so many homeowners that can install these floors by themselves. You’ll have a great time designing your owning room all because to its ease of installation.

bronzed acacia engineered wood flooring

If you really want to enhance the value of your home, then acacia solid wood flooring is an excellent option. You need not shell out a hefty sum to get them installed in your homes. These can be installed by the simple float-in process over your existing home floors. They are resistant to spills and dirt. If you clean them on a regular basis, their appeal will be maintained for a long time.

Wood Floors Plus is a one stop shop to buy beautiful acacia floors for your homes. A wide range of amazing colors is available at the shop. Do not look further and get the best value for your investment by installing acacia floors today.

How to Achieve White Wood Floors in your Home

Plain wood floors can look rather dull and lifeless, especially if you are getting the ones that are unfinished. And because some wood types for flooring wear off easily – like wood veneer – you will have to paint them in order to prolong the floor’s lifespan and give your home’s interior a gorgeous makeover. And what better color to use in this project but white? White is classic, clean-looking, sophisticated, and minimalist; so there’s no question that transforming your existing flooring into white wood floors is a brilliant idea.

nice white wood floors

Switching into white painted wood floors can be an arduous task; but at the end of the project, you’ll see that the effort is all worth it. So, without further ado, here is the tutorial that will teach you on how to achieve white wood floors the right way.


  • First things first: move out the furniture from the room you wish to paint on. While this can be a demanding task, it is strongly recommended that you do this beforehand because you don’t want to get paint stains all over your precious furniture and other valuables, do you? In addition, this will make painting much easier since there will be no obstructions along the way.

flooring wood floors plus

  • Secondly, it is also important that you get professional sanding services from Wood Floors Plus. Others look at this step as unnecessary; but the truth is, it can prove to be beneficial whether you are aiming for white washed wood floors or white oak wood floors. This is because it can bring more desirable results if you plan to revarnish in the future. If you cannot get professional service, you may also do the sanding yourself. Simply use a hand sander, go over the wood floors, wash them with sugar soap, and you’re ready to proceed to the next step.
  • Next on the list is primer application. If you are not sure on which paint to use, you can start on anything that’s water-based or oil based. Water-based paints are less toxic with regards to formulation and the vapors they give off. On the downside, though, it is not as reliable as oil-based counterparts as far as durability is concerned.

brushed white washed wood floors

  • Once primer application is finished, you may start painting the floors from the corners and across the entire room area. In doing so, you can use either a brush or a roller with a handle that has a length that’s comfortable for you as you work on the floor. However, the latter is more preferable because it will make painting faster and much easier. The time needed for this step to complete depends on the measurements on the floor area; but on average, this should only take 30 minutes of your time.
  • For more desirable results, apply in a few coatings more. This should be done once the paint is all dried up, which typically requires at least 24 hours. By doing this, the room can look more brilliant and elegant; especially if you have used a high gloss paint that creates an illusion of higher ceiling and wider space in the area of application.

designed and white painted wood floors


And those were a few simple steps in obtaining white wood floors. As you can clearly see, you don’t need to spend hefty amounts just to have that room makeover that you’ve always desired. With the help of this quick guide, a few easy-to-find tools, determination, and a bit of caution, painting the floors should be a rewarding and fun task for you and your family. So use this guide today on your house remodeling – your dream floor is now within your reach!

Reclaimed Wood Flooring – A Great Choice In Any Angle

In a time where climate change is a growing concern across the world, more and more consumers are interested is using recyclable materials for their day to day activities. Reclaimed timber is one of the best way of including environmentally-friendly products in your homes and businesses. Reclaimed timber is one of the best source of home and office furniture, structural material and flooring just to name a few. Reclaimed wood flooring has introduced and reintroduced the distinct characteristics of having a wooden finish in different settings.

about Reclaimed wood flooring

You can’t deny the aesthetic and functional value of a wooden floor, however, acquiring such material nowadays is costly and will go against their drive for a “greener” lifestyle. The availability of a reclaimed wood flooring allows a person to attain the beauty of a wooden floor with a little pinch from the pocket and not hurting the environment.

Where is the Wood Coming From?

You’d be happy to know that reclaimed wood can come from just about anywhere. Old railway carriage sides made from oak are some of the best source of reclaimed solid hardwood. They are great to create a rustic fireplace mantel. And once they are processed as wood flooring, you are assured that the quality of the wood will last for a very long time.

additional wood floors plus

Pine trees are also one of the many trees that were cut down decades ago. When you install a reclaimed pine wood flooring, it comes from an old project many years ago and has withstood the test of time. It shows that there is a gold mine lying underneath a ruble of the supposed trashed wood planks and beams. Speaking of planks and beam, did you know that old windmills and barnyards are also a great source of reclaimed wood? Reclaimed barn wood flooring is one of the most sought out type of reclaimed wood flooring today. It is worth mentioning that when you use these type of material, you will know the moisture content of the reclaimed wood from an old barn, which makes it an easy decision for you to get one for your home. Any type of solid wood flooring today is subject to warping because of the moisture that develops from years of use. You will have an easy edge when reclaimed barn woods are used for your floor.

antique reclaimed barn wood flooring

Before powerful hauling machines were created, the timbers from the mountain were thrown on the river and the river will just carry them downstream where a milling factory is waiting. During their travel, some wood wouldn’t reach their destination and would stay underwater for decades. It allows the wood to regrow and became more resilient. When people realized this, the value of these timbers went up exponentially and all of their expenses were most focused on the machinery to scavenge these already century-old timbers. It is very cost-effective for milling companies and once again they did not do anything to harm the environment.

cool yet reclaimed pine wood flooring

There are plenty of companies today who are focused on manufacturing and processing reclaimed wood. You can visit the Wood Floors Plus and see if they have what you are looking for and their professional and friendly crew is more than happy to help you out. If you want to check other sources online, be sure that the company has a good reputation and background where you can counter-check from other sources or database. It is easy to be ripped-off online so it doesn’t hurt to do a little research when you are looking for the best source of wood flooring reclaimed. Also watch out for other special deals and promos that other companies are giving out.

Making The Easy Choice For Wood Floor Tiles

 There are different options for your floor tiles but what would it take for you to choose the wood floor tiles? You have to take careful preparations and research when you are planning for your new home or you are making a renovation because once they are installed, you’re stuck with it unless you want to spend another significant amount of money and not to mention the time it will take for a flooring project to be finished. Your choice of flooring reflects you as the homeowner, therefore you have to create a harmony between your preferred floor tiles and the rest of the room.

modified wood floor tiles

General Types of Wood Flooring

The installation of wood floor tiles can be anywhere except maybe for the bathroom where moist is the primary factor in the deterioration of the said material. There are two types of wood flooring and they are;

  • Solid wood – solid hardwood floors comes from a single timber. The uniformity of hardwood floors is ruined once the wood tiles come from different species of trees, the difference is very visible. In order to go green, most homeowners would choose the faux wood floor tiles than the actual wood themselves. If installed correctly, the resemblance is quite remarkable and you won’t even notice the difference. For ancestral homes that still have full basements, it is common to see these wooden floor tiles to survive years of wear and tear and still look in good condition.


diy wood floors plus

  • Engineered wood – this is a combination or a “sandwich” of different layers of wood. These type of wood flooring is very flexible and is preferred over solid wood because of its dimensional stability and universal use. It is not pure wood because of the added component beneath which is not made of pure wood.

You might have seen the professional basketball courts on TV or in your local clubhouse are not the same. It is because of the different ways of installing these wood floor tiles to achieve a unique look for aesthetic and functional purposes. This is made possible under certain considerations of the wood material which is subject to change as time goes on. They are subject to expand, warp and go misaligned because of factors such as moist, direct contact, processing and time itself among others.

designed interlocking wood floor tiles

Parquet Wood Flooring

If you are a Boston Celtics fan then it is easy to imagine what a parquet wood floor tiles wood look like. What makes it very aesthetically appealing is the craftsmanship of the patters that are being made. It dates back up to three centuries where skilled artisans can create an awesome three dimensional look. The most common setback of these interlocking wood floor tiles is its thinness, thus making its structural value very poor. Make sure you install them in a solid base layer and concrete is one of the favorite. There is no need to nail them and gluing them will do the trick, therefore if you are not a skilled person and wants to do DIY project, you can conveniently create your own design after multiple tries.

choosing parquet wood floor tiles

If you want to complete a rustic look in your office or your living room, wood floor tiles are the easy go-to option. The finished floor made of wood tiles will make the place more homey and welcoming to all members of the family and guests. Remember that your home deserves the best, so don’t just settle with a concrete finish as much as possible. Check out your options in Wood Floors Plus and treat your humble abode into a flooring finish that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Pros of Using Vinyl Wood Flooring

Available in the market since the 1930’s, vinyl wood flooring made its way into the homes after the occurrence of the World War II. And as early as 1950’s, it became one of the leading choices on flooring material; in fact, it demolished the popularity of linoleums among those looking for a wood-like and water resistant option. If you are one of those people, you might want to know that there are more benefits to vinyl than being water resistant.

ecological vinyl wood flooring


Leading flooring manufacturers like Wood Floors Plus have come up with various vinyl wood plank flooring designs to provide almost the same look as hardwood flooring. But apart from this, here is a list of vinyl wood flooring that should convince you to do the switch right now:

  • Durable

One of the main selling points of vinyl is its durability. Unlike real wood, vinyl can withstand everyday impact and abuse. This is mainly the reason why wood vinyl flooring is more preferred by commercial buildings; which normally get a lot of foot traffic and other damaging elements.

apartment style wood floors plus

  • Stain and Scratch Resistant

Stains and scratches are the major enemies of hardwood. By opting for vinyl flooring, these problems are easily eliminated; thanks to the smooth finish and durable construction that vinyl possesses.

  • Less expensive

Another big factor that adds to the value of vinyl is the cost. Because real wood, especially hardwood, is rather pricey, more and more people are opting for vinyl flooring; especially now that the economy tends to slow down. And since more people are also switching to the “green” route, there is a possibility that there will be an increase to the number of consumers avoiding wood products in order to help preserve natural resources and the environment. To simply put, with vinyl you have the chance of saving more money and help Mother Nature all at the same time.

natural vinyl wood plank flooring

  • Easy to Clean

As with any flooring material, the cleaning process required also plays an important factor when choosing a particular flooring product. Obviously, all homeowners want a flooring option that requires minimal effort in cleaning. The good news is, vinyl fits exactly in this criterion. Wet it, scrub it, or wipe it clean – you can do any of these cleaning methods without the fear of damaging the floor.

  • Moisture Resistant

Undeniably, this vital quality of vinyl makes it a very ideal option for virtually any parts of the house. Because liquid cannot permeate this flooring material, they are the perfect alternative for wood for areas that get wet a lot like kitchens, bathrooms, patios with gardens, and even children’s rooms.

  • Insect and Microbe Repellent

With proper installation or application techniques, vinyl also provides no room for insects, termites, and even microbes to multiply. Because vinyl flooring is normally seamless, you can be sure that these unwanted guests will have nowhere to hide in your own home.

  • Easy to Install

Based on vinyl wood flooring reviews, vinyl planks take only a fraction of the time that you would need when installing real wood planks. In fact, any dedicated do-it-yourselfer can easily install them at home; given that they possess the right materials.

beautiful wood vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring: An Ideal Flooring Alternative

Based on the many advantages listed above, you can fairly conclude that vinyl wood flooring is indeed an excellent option; considering that it is easy to clean, requires minimal effort in installation, water and moisture resistant, insect repellent, and most importantly affordable. Consider installing vinyl in your home today so you can put your mind at ease and your wallet filled up with additional savings.

The Different Options on Fake Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has its many advantages. For one, it can last longer than fake wood flooring; possibly up to 100 years. And obviously, nothing beats the earthy feel of real wood. However, since you have to nail them down piece per piece, they can be very difficult and time-consuming during installation. Furthermore, they can be quite costly; with price depending on the type of wood used.

If you have a limited budget and don’t have much time in nailing down real pieces of wood on your flooring, the good news is, there are now a great number of fake wood flooring options that you can select from. To give you a better idea on what these are and which one will work perfectly for your home, this article has created a rundown of the best fake wood flooring options to date.

types of fake wood flooring


Below are some fake wood flooring types that are garnering the top spot in the market, together with some of their major advantages:

  • Laminate flooring

Also known as a hybrid type of flooring, a laminate is very much alike stone or wood counterparts in terms of aesthetics. Underneath, the material is made from fiberboard; and on the surface, this fiberboard is sandwiched between a melamine top, a photographic paper that is printed with a wood-like picture, and a melamine backing. In some cases, though, the photo paper is replaced by a thin sheet of wood veneer to give the laminate a more wood-like feel. There are many benefits to using laminate flooring; some of which include more durability, less prone to wear and tear and scratches, easier to clean, and since they are made with a shiny finish, they don’t require further polishing and waxing over time.

interior wood floors plus

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring

If the area where you plan to renew the flooring frequently gets wet, this is the perfect fake wood flooring option for you. In fact, this is currently the most common choice for homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. The great thing about ceramic flooring is that it eliminates the hassles of the wood being fragile when frequently exposed with water. This is highly beneficial, especially if you are planning to modify the flooring of your utility or laundry room. To get the best results, make sure that you pick a ceramic tile that does not absorb moisture and does not crack when the weather is freezing cold.

laminating best fake wood flooring

  • Vinyl Plank or Sheet

If you look at the vinyl flooring at a local hardware or home improvement store, you’ll see that it comes in rolls of sheets; which is why it is also called as vinyl sheet. As for the benefit using one, it can resist water spillage for days without affecting its quality. In addition, it has the look that is very much similar to real wood; when compared to other types of flooring. To ensure longevity and attractiveness of your vinyl flooring, see to it that all seams suit one another perfectly and manufacturer’s instructions are well-followed during installation.

  • Rubber Flooring

The newest innovation on flooring would be the fake wood rubber flooring. Built with high quality materials and strong construction, this option comes in tile pieces and wood-like finish and color. Usually, they are used in wall to wall installations; however, those that come in interlocking mats are also used as flooring material for gyms and residences these days. Designed with a precision jet cut, they appear seamless when locked together to form a complete flooring. Most suppliers like Wood Floors Plus also offer a 5-year warranty; which means that durability is 100% guaranteed.

about fake wood flooring types


There you have the most common choices on fake wood flooring. Choose accordingly today from this list based on your individual needs.

Wood Floors In Kitchen – A Helpful Overview

Wood floors in kitchen plans are a proper interior decoration alternative to tiles. Kitchens are high traffic areas that expose the floor to regular stamping. A suitable hardwood plan is able to bear this load and other sudden impacts well. The kitchen is not only a place where you prepare your food. It is also a great place to invest to add more value to your house.

matching wood floors in kitchen

Other Benefits

There are different options for your kitchen flooring materials, however, most homeowner would immediately decide to go for wood for these reasons;

  • They provide a good blend with the wooden cabinets to provide a seamless harmonious look.

  • The surfaces have a better grip and this offers safety against slipping and other incidents.

  • A natural aesthetic is created that sits well with the surrounding outdoor environment.

Quality of wood floors in kitchen installation depends on the tree species chosen and the grain outlay. Dark floor inspired surfaces can be achieved by selecting a suitable hardwood species like maple.

bthroom wood floors plus

How to Install Dark Wood Floors in Kitchen Arrangements

Many design outlays can be executed on wood floors in kitchen redecoration schemes. Be careful with the installation to avoid unnecessary repairs or total makeover in the end.

Standard installation overview:

  • Calculate the targeted space area in square feet so as to determine the amount of boarding required. Extra board units should be purchased to allow for margin errors and extra works.

  • Source the materials needed for the assignment, the right tools and safety gear.

about dark wood floors in kitchen

  • Ensure that the sub floor is clean and even. Apply a layer of adhesive using a trowel. Fit the individual boards one at a time and press them down until they are well bonded.

  • Custom some of the boards to allow for breaks and obstacle courses.

Hardwood floors in kitchen spaces need to be properly maintained so as to extend their longevity and curb regular tune up costs.


Proper maintenance is the key for a long lasting kitchen flooring. The quality and durability of any kitchen floor is only as good as the owner who takes care of it. Here are some important tips to remember for kitchen flooring maintenance;

  • Any spills are bets wiped off immediately to prevent staining.

  • Acrylic finishes are durable and worthwhile option. The initial coat charge is pricier but a single service can last for many years.

  • The sheen can be regulated with proper waxing servicing. High gloss surfaces are generally require more frequent tune ups for they reveal more dirt build up than medium sheens.

  • Wooden floor edges usually hide debris. Any renovation should aim in as much as possible to minimize this margin space.

about wood floors in the kitchen

Properly installed wood floors in the kitchen give the home a well-dressed appearance concept. Expertise support offers the best possible outcomes.

Wood floors plus contractors have a comprehensive array of product offerings in their showrooms. The hardwood units are acrylic-infused to extend their lifespan. It is advisable to go over as many designs as possible so as to pin down the most suitable choice for the kitchen’s specific requirements.

Why Choose Distressed Wood Flooring

You should think of using distressed wood flooring for changing up the floor on a deck in the backyard or in your home. This type of wood flooring seems more homey and worn in because it feels and looks as if you have had it for a long time. Of course, you will not appreciate its nice look if you do not want it. However, you should remember that it is extremely comfortable because of its worn in style since it is made to remain like that instead of being a type of flooring that becomes distressed in a natural way. This type of flooring has an attractive and distinctive look that is achieved by hand scraping or by using a machine. The methods that are used for its production highlight its natural beauty and enhance its character. It has an old-fashioned appeal and a classic look. In effect, its demand is very high.

priced distressed wood flooring

Why choose distressed wood flooring

The creation of a more distressed look that allows the new floors of many people to look as if they are a century old is a common practice among those who invest in wood floors plus. You should opt for distressed engineered wood flooring if that old style charm is your choice. Some people do not understand why you should opt for it when there are numerous beautiful rich grains and wood options for you to choose from. These people do not know that when you spend a lot of money in order to make something look so worn out and old brings the classic charm to the vintage lifestyle.

modern wood floors plus

You can spruce up all the wood floors that you have in the open or are hiding under your carpets because they need some work with a lot of ease without the need to give them a brand new look. Depending on the age of the floors, a lot of work might not be necessary in order for you to achieve that distressed look. However, if you have put in your floors within the past two decades or they are brand new, you will have to work very hard if you want to get the wide plank distressed wood flooring. Since different people have different opinions about what looks best, the extent to which you prefer your floors to be distressed also largely determines this.

about distressed engineered wood flooring

The best way of distressing a wood floor

Making the floor more uneven and rough in order to prevent it from looking finished and new as it should by using coarse sandpaper is the best way of distressing your wood floor. If the wood floor already has a finish on it, you can also achieve distressed laminate wood flooring by standing it down before refinishing it with various types of clear coats and stains that will help in giving it your preferred authentic distressed look. Alternatively, many professional floor refinishing and installation services can help you in achieving all your goals. 

simple and distressed laminate wood flooring

If you want to individualize the interior design of your home, distressed wood flooring may be your best option because floors that are made by using lumber are always beautiful. However, the distressed variety has proven to be gorgeous in a unique way. For people who are looking to add uniqueness and diversity in a modern way, there is no reason for you not to consider this type of flooring. You guests and friends would surely appreciate your extraordinary taste and preference when it comes to interior designing. You can search around and ask various home improvement warehouses and flooring contractors if you want to learn more about distressed wood flooring.