Main Types of Cheap Wood Flooring

Most homeowners prefer to use cheap wood flooring for their houses because of its warm coloring, natural beauty and its easy refinishing. With proper maintenance, wood flooring can last long without requiring refinishing, smoothing and even without being applied new varnish coat. However, the styles, prices, cost and finishes are very significant when it comes to cheap wood flooring installation. Here are some of the factors to consider when you choose cheap wood flooring ideas.

The best wood species for flooring

When selecting the type of wood, pay more attention to the overall cost of the wood as well as its durability because the available species differ substantially. Some popular wood species include:

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White oak

This hardwood has a beautiful gray, brown color; it is also more durable and harder than the red oak.

Red oak

It is popular flooring in the United States. The red oak resists wear very well.


The birch has variety of colors, which makes it unique. It is also strong but not like the red and white oak


The pine has a yellow warm cast with beautiful knots and swirls. It is preferred because of its high resistance to insects.

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Types of wood floor finishes

Penetrating finishes and surface finishes are the common types of finishes commonly used on wood floors. Surface finishes are easy to maintain, beautiful and they increase the floor durability hence more common than penetrating finishes.

Wood flooring cost

Find out an estimated cost of wood flooring installation. Ensure the cost includes all the charges including delivery, demolition, furniture removal and subfloor preparation.

Types of hardwood flooring

There are three main types of wood flooring

Cheap engineered wood flooring

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Each piece of cheap engineered wood flooring has two layers of wood. Only the top layer can be seen after installation. The top layer is attached to the lower layer, the core. Most people think that the engineered wood is similar to the veneer, vinyl and laminate flooring which is not true as the engineered wood is made of real wood in two separate pieces.

Cheap laminate wood flooring

Laminate flooring have the look of stone or hardwood flooring but they require less maintenance. They are made of wood particles or high-density fiber and have a laminate cover, which looks like stone or wood. A hard layer, which is placed on the top, gives the laminate floor its durability. Cheap laminate wood flooring is also easy to install and they increase the resale value of a home hence being preferred by most homeowners.

Wood floors plus

Wood floors plus is another type of wood flooring. They are to quality and with a high durability.

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Once you have decided the type of wood flooring to go for, you should then decide how you want the wood to be cut. The different patterns are.

  • Strip flooring is usually cut at a width that is set and each piece thickness may vary. 

  • Plank flooring, the width vary while it has only two thickness variations.

  • Parquet flooring is arranged in different patterns with the different planks held together using an adhesive

Cheap wood flooring is a great option for making a beautiful house. If you maintain the flooring, it can last for a very long time. You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash and drain your life savings for your house. If you know how to take care of your things then you are rest assured of a long lasting home interior and designs.