Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor

It is not a strange occurrence to find a house with wooden floors and more so, best hardwood floor. Actually it is the “in” thing now and all that makes the beauty of it is the glamorous look that leaves it shiny and all appealing. It is suitable for all kinds of setups from houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, shops and even entertainment joints. It is absolutely a unique way of adding taste and value to the interior part of the building. Among the hardwood floors are the walnut, teak, oak, pecan and maple woods for this kind of a job.

Choosing the right kind of hardwood floor can be quite a task but with some tips in mind, then you will not have to struggle too much to go ahead with it. With a clear plan of the cost to be incurred, durability and availability, then you are good to go. Also keep in mind the density of the wood to be used since the heavier the wood, the tasking the installation process.

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Hardwood Floor Finishing

Just fixing the wooden floor, and more so the best hardwood floor is not good enough if the finishing is not put in mind. Most fishing style come up due to preferences and your lifestyle. There are several ways in which you can have your hardwood floor finished and they include:

  • Water based finishes

  • Oil based finishes

  • Acid cured finishes

  • Moisture cured finishes

  • Wax finishes

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Of all these and much more styles of finish, you can only decide the best hardwood floor finish since there is no clear-cut mark of which is the best. It is all in your choice and likes.

Care of Hardwood Floors

Just like any other floors, these also need to be taken care of and cleaning is exactly what this is all about. You cannot just wake up one day and start scrubbing a wooden floor just the way you do on a normal cement floor. There are specific instructions and precautions to be considered while cleaning the wooden floors.

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Deeper Cleaning – Use suggested cleaning product for this kind of cleaning since the aim to get rid of long term dirt that has been lying there for a while. Irreversible damages may happen that would ruin the overall aesthetic value of your flooring material.

Mark Removal – Stains are common things in the day-to-day activity and getting your wooden floor stained is no different. Special hardwood cleaners are used for each type of stains. Among the best hardwood floor cleaner include:

  • Fine steel wool

  • Vinegar

  • Mineral spirits

  • Turpentine

  • Steam cleaning

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Well, if you did not know that hardwood floors can actually be steamed then you are in for a rude shock. Steaming the floor is one way of keeping it clean but care has to be taken while doing so otherwise the floor will be damaged. The best hardwood floor steam cleaner uses water and is efficient. Steam get in to cracks and kills germs and bacteria present. Do not over do it as you may end up distorting your wonderful floor.

It is clear this is something to think about. You can visit Wood Floors Plus for the best hardwood floor available in the market. The wide range of products that they offer will certainly make your decision a bit stressful and rewarding but their representatives will guide and educate you along the way to make your investment the perfect fit for your home. Take your time to contemplate the different factors to come up with a decision. You have to be patient as the homeowner and don’t rush things up.