Why Choose Distressed Wood Flooring

You should think of using distressed wood flooring for changing up the floor on a deck in the backyard or in your home. This type of wood flooring seems more homey and worn in because it feels and looks as if you have had it for a long time. Of course, you will not appreciate its nice look if you do not want it. However, you should remember that it is extremely comfortable because of its worn in style since it is made to remain like that instead of being a type of flooring that becomes distressed in a natural way. This type of flooring has an attractive and distinctive look that is achieved by hand scraping or by using a machine. The methods that are used for its production highlight its natural beauty and enhance its character. It has an old-fashioned appeal and a classic look. In effect, its demand is very high.

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Why choose distressed wood flooring

The creation of a more distressed look that allows the new floors of many people to look as if they are a century old is a common practice among those who invest in wood floors plus. You should opt for distressed engineered wood flooring if that old style charm is your choice. Some people do not understand why you should opt for it when there are numerous beautiful rich grains and wood options for you to choose from. These people do not know that when you spend a lot of money in order to make something look so worn out and old brings the classic charm to the vintage lifestyle.

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You can spruce up all the wood floors that you have in the open or are hiding under your carpets because they need some work with a lot of ease without the need to give them a brand new look. Depending on the age of the floors, a lot of work might not be necessary in order for you to achieve that distressed look. However, if you have put in your floors within the past two decades or they are brand new, you will have to work very hard if you want to get the wide plank distressed wood flooring. Since different people have different opinions about what looks best, the extent to which you prefer your floors to be distressed also largely determines this.

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The best way of distressing a wood floor

Making the floor more uneven and rough in order to prevent it from looking finished and new as it should by using coarse sandpaper is the best way of distressing your wood floor. If the wood floor already has a finish on it, you can also achieve distressed laminate wood flooring by standing it down before refinishing it with various types of clear coats and stains that will help in giving it your preferred authentic distressed look. Alternatively, many professional floor refinishing and installation services can help you in achieving all your goals. 

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If you want to individualize the interior design of your home, distressed wood flooring may be your best option because floors that are made by using lumber are always beautiful. However, the distressed variety has proven to be gorgeous in a unique way. For people who are looking to add uniqueness and diversity in a modern way, there is no reason for you not to consider this type of flooring. You guests and friends would surely appreciate your extraordinary taste and preference when it comes to interior designing. You can search around and ask various home improvement warehouses and flooring contractors if you want to learn more about distressed wood flooring.