Create a Dream Room With Wood Laminate Flooring

When it comes to wood laminate flooring, you can find it in various designs for very low prices. These floors are easy to install and they are available in an array of colors. You can even find hand scraped products if you would like to have a rustic look. The flooring is scratch resistant and it will last for a long time.

Durable flooring solution

The wood laminate flooring creates an illusion of natural wood while providing the added durability that can only come from laminate wood flooring. The beauty of these types of floors is unrivalled and they are a cost effective flooring solution. It is also easy to maintain such a floor.

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How to choose a product

When you are shopping for a flooring solution, you can choose a product that looks like walnut, pine, oak, maple, hickory, exotic wood and cherry among others. You can also select low gloss, medium gloss or high gloss products. There are many brands that you can choose from, and the product also comes in various sizes.

Get a free estimate

You can get a free price estimate for wood floors plus. The first thing you need to do is to select the room that you want to remodel. Next, you need to choose the dimensions of the room. You also need to indicate whether room is on the ground, above ground or below ground.

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Concrete subfloor

If your subfloor is in a good condition, there is no need of replacing it. If it is concrete, as most basements are, you will need to add a plywood subfloor over the top in order to create a moisture barrier. You can also do this if you are installing certain kinds of flooring.

Type of floor being removed

If you’re replacing your floor with cheap laminate wood flooring, you need to indicate the type of floor that you need to be removed. This includes hardwood, laminate, carpet, ceramic, vinyl sheet and vinyl tile floors. Tearing out your existing floor could add to the cost of the project depending on the type of material. Some floors such as ceramic are harder to remove and your contractor can charge extra. Once you have provided these details, the contractor can be able to send you a good estimate.

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Where to get creative ideas

If you want to renovate your floor, you can get good ideas if you check out previous projects that an installer has completed. There are galleries that showcase traditional, contemporary and casual style of floors. The galleries of flooring ideas can be able to inspire you to achieve the look that you want.

You can read reviews

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Some contractors will also provide you with tips and trends when you check out their gallery of previous projects. You can also read laminate wood flooring reviews to get additional information about these types of floors. If you have any ideas about what you want for your wood laminate flooring, a qualified contractor can implement it for you. Professional contractor should also be able to advise you on best way to install your favorite floor.

Your house is going to be your sanctuary and you are probably going to live there for the rest of your life. Investing in the right housing materials will save you a bunch of money in the long run since you wont have to change it time and again. Make sure that you have a plan before making your dream house and be willing to shed out the budget for it including the budget for your floors. Stick to your plan and avoid other distractions from completing your house under the original budget you intended.


The Pros and Cons of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring, also known as floating wood tile, refers to a synthetic flooring product that consists of two thin sheets of paper that are impregnated with fiber board materials and melamine resin. Although laminate wood flooring looks like real wood, it is essentially just a photograph of wood grain covered by a protective layer which makes it impervious to sharp objects and chairs.

Unlike wood which can dent therefore, laminate flooring is almost completely impervious to scratches and dents making it more ideal for use as opposed to real wood. This protective layer also makes it easy to clean and maintain compared to other flooring materials. That being said, it is an obvious fact as to how this type of flooring is actually more practical and convenient for most homeowners. When replacing or simply installing a new flooring, laminate wood is an option that you can greatly consider.

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A notable advantage of laminate wood flooring is the fact that it offers a hard wood flooring look at a considerably lower cost. Cheap laminate wood flooring is therefore gaining popularity owing to the fact that they can be used in an array of establishments and provides the perfect solution to flooring needs at affordable prices.

With regard to installation, laminate floors are also fairly easy to install. In the event that guidance is needed, reliable companies and contractors such as wood floors plus offer a comprehensive guide as well as an array of solutions that are suitable for any kind of commercial set up. Another advantage of wooden flooring is the fact that it is the ideal choice against challenges that floors usually face such as temperature fluctuation, climate change, and moisture.

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Cons of laminate wood flooring

Wood laminate flooring has its disadvantages, being the fact that they are very slippery. Secondly, the look of laminated floors cannot be customized through sanding or staining as may be the case with hardwood floors. This is because the laminated floors have their look set by manufacturers, meaning they cannot be customized thus offering limited choices to users. However, this should not be a problem for those who have already made up their minds with the look and finish of this flooring.

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A drawback to laminated floors in terms of their durability is the fact that they can easily be damaged by exposure to too much steam or water. The implication of this is that laminated floors are therefore not ideal for installation in some rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens as they can wrap due to high moisture. In terms of resale value, engineered wood or hardwood gives better value when selling a house as opposed to laminated flooring which tends to lower the resale value.

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Weighing it over

Laminate wood flooring reviews however point to the fact that the advantages of laminate flooring far outweigh the disadvantages. A look at such reviews before deciding which type of laminate flooring to go for would be ideal since the reviews first and foremost rate different brands, thus you will be better informed as to what brand to choose. You can also check the companies and manufacturers one by one so you can get an insight of the kind of services they offer and how satisfied their previous clients were. I

The reviews also give you insights into the price ranges by different manufacturers for comparison, as well as to be able to go for the best deal available. User reviews are also ideal as they may include the experiences of other users who have tried out different types of laminated flooring and therefore give an idea to future users on what to expect.

Using Cheap Laminate Flooring in Modern Homes

Cheap laminate flooring is a special material made from a thin resin layer infused with wood chip composites. It looks similar to real wood but is more durable and scratch resistant. This product also has moisture retention properties and can be used in damp places like the bathroom. Nevertheless, homeowners cannot sand laminate floors and most of them are slippery to tread on. It’s therefore appropriate to lay up some foam beneath the layers to soften them; this can be done by installing laminate floors with a special glue or groove system. The substance can also be laid over a cemented surface for durability and more aesthetic appeal.

Users should be careful when buying cheap laminate wood flooring since some of them contain VOC chemicals. Though they are more affordable than other types of flooring, these products can lose their luster over time when not maintained regularly.

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Categories of laminate surface underlayment

There are various types of cheap wood laminate flooring, they can be differentiated based on factors like design, texture, color and sturdiness.

  • Ordinary foam underlayment. It’s widely considered as the most popular type of laminate surfacing, often applied in cases whereby laminate floors are installed over plywood sub-floors. Nevertheless, this material shouldn’t be used in places with high moisture levels since it doesn’t provide any reliable vapor barrier.
  • Blended foam underlayment. This version of cheap laminate flooring combines typical foam features with a decent moisture barrier layer to protect the fitting from rising mist during hot weather conditions. Though the cheap dark laminate flooring is more costly than typical foams, it’s usually more appropriate for concrete sub-floors and plywood surfaces.

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  • Cork underlayment. This unique material is popularly used in office floor installations, where reduction of sound levels is paramount. The brand boasts of organic anti-microbial property and can be used in leveling uneven surfaces that may be found between rooms.
  • Padded laminate floors. Nowadays one can get quality wood floors plus padding fitted into the material’s underside. With this set of material, homeowners don’t have to buy and fix a new foam underlayment. Moreover, in some situations users would be able to install the flooring directly above the sub-floor material, or even a vapor concealment seal.

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Maintenance tips

Keeping the shiny surface of your cheap laminate flooring clean can be tricky, especially because this material doesn’t react similarly to polishes and wood cleaners. Nevertheless, a regular routine of preventative washing and refined repairs would ensure the floor maintains its original form several years later. Remember to put a clean mat at the doorway to protect the floor from getting dirty faster. In addition, stick some small protective pads beneath chair legs or any other furniture that is regularly used. Frequently sweep the room to prevent dirt from accumulating and piling up.

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In the event that there are scratches or small gouges at the floor, visit a local hardware shop and purchase an efficient repair kit that matches well with the cheap laminate flooring style, this pack may include a waxy paste or repair stick to fill up and level out any scratches. Alternatively, a special crayon of similar color as the floor can be used to bring about same effects.

Knowing how to properly maintain and take care of your flooring is the key in ensuring that they stay well-polished, good looking and pleasing to the eyes at all times. Aside from doing these routines yourself, you can also refer to reliable contractors to do preventive repairs and maintenance every now and then. Doing so will help you further in making sure that your floor remains the same for several more years to come.