Pros of Using Vinyl Wood Flooring

Available in the market since the 1930’s, vinyl wood flooring made its way into the homes after the occurrence of the World War II. And as early as 1950’s, it became one of the leading choices on flooring material; in fact, it demolished the popularity of linoleums among those looking for a wood-like and water resistant option. If you are one of those people, you might want to know that there are more benefits to vinyl than being water resistant.

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Leading flooring manufacturers like Wood Floors Plus have come up with various vinyl wood plank flooring designs to provide almost the same look as hardwood flooring. But apart from this, here is a list of vinyl wood flooring that should convince you to do the switch right now:

  • Durable

One of the main selling points of vinyl is its durability. Unlike real wood, vinyl can withstand everyday impact and abuse. This is mainly the reason why wood vinyl flooring is more preferred by commercial buildings; which normally get a lot of foot traffic and other damaging elements.

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  • Stain and Scratch Resistant

Stains and scratches are the major enemies of hardwood. By opting for vinyl flooring, these problems are easily eliminated; thanks to the smooth finish and durable construction that vinyl possesses.

  • Less expensive

Another big factor that adds to the value of vinyl is the cost. Because real wood, especially hardwood, is rather pricey, more and more people are opting for vinyl flooring; especially now that the economy tends to slow down. And since more people are also switching to the “green” route, there is a possibility that there will be an increase to the number of consumers avoiding wood products in order to help preserve natural resources and the environment. To simply put, with vinyl you have the chance of saving more money and help Mother Nature all at the same time.

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  • Easy to Clean

As with any flooring material, the cleaning process required also plays an important factor when choosing a particular flooring product. Obviously, all homeowners want a flooring option that requires minimal effort in cleaning. The good news is, vinyl fits exactly in this criterion. Wet it, scrub it, or wipe it clean – you can do any of these cleaning methods without the fear of damaging the floor.

  • Moisture Resistant

Undeniably, this vital quality of vinyl makes it a very ideal option for virtually any parts of the house. Because liquid cannot permeate this flooring material, they are the perfect alternative for wood for areas that get wet a lot like kitchens, bathrooms, patios with gardens, and even children’s rooms.

  • Insect and Microbe Repellent

With proper installation or application techniques, vinyl also provides no room for insects, termites, and even microbes to multiply. Because vinyl flooring is normally seamless, you can be sure that these unwanted guests will have nowhere to hide in your own home.

  • Easy to Install

Based on vinyl wood flooring reviews, vinyl planks take only a fraction of the time that you would need when installing real wood planks. In fact, any dedicated do-it-yourselfer can easily install them at home; given that they possess the right materials.

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Vinyl Flooring: An Ideal Flooring Alternative

Based on the many advantages listed above, you can fairly conclude that vinyl wood flooring is indeed an excellent option; considering that it is easy to clean, requires minimal effort in installation, water and moisture resistant, insect repellent, and most importantly affordable. Consider installing vinyl in your home today so you can put your mind at ease and your wallet filled up with additional savings.