Making The Easy Choice For Wood Floor Tiles

 There are different options for your floor tiles but what would it take for you to choose the wood floor tiles? You have to take careful preparations and research when you are planning for your new home or you are making a renovation because once they are installed, you’re stuck with it unless you want to spend another significant amount of money and not to mention the time it will take for a flooring project to be finished. Your choice of flooring reflects you as the homeowner, therefore you have to create a harmony between your preferred floor tiles and the rest of the room.

modified wood floor tiles

General Types of Wood Flooring

The installation of wood floor tiles can be anywhere except maybe for the bathroom where moist is the primary factor in the deterioration of the said material. There are two types of wood flooring and they are;

  • Solid wood – solid hardwood floors comes from a single timber. The uniformity of hardwood floors is ruined once the wood tiles come from different species of trees, the difference is very visible. In order to go green, most homeowners would choose the faux wood floor tiles than the actual wood themselves. If installed correctly, the resemblance is quite remarkable and you won’t even notice the difference. For ancestral homes that still have full basements, it is common to see these wooden floor tiles to survive years of wear and tear and still look in good condition.


diy wood floors plus

  • Engineered wood – this is a combination or a “sandwich” of different layers of wood. These type of wood flooring is very flexible and is preferred over solid wood because of its dimensional stability and universal use. It is not pure wood because of the added component beneath which is not made of pure wood.

You might have seen the professional basketball courts on TV or in your local clubhouse are not the same. It is because of the different ways of installing these wood floor tiles to achieve a unique look for aesthetic and functional purposes. This is made possible under certain considerations of the wood material which is subject to change as time goes on. They are subject to expand, warp and go misaligned because of factors such as moist, direct contact, processing and time itself among others.

designed interlocking wood floor tiles

Parquet Wood Flooring

If you are a Boston Celtics fan then it is easy to imagine what a parquet wood floor tiles wood look like. What makes it very aesthetically appealing is the craftsmanship of the patters that are being made. It dates back up to three centuries where skilled artisans can create an awesome three dimensional look. The most common setback of these interlocking wood floor tiles is its thinness, thus making its structural value very poor. Make sure you install them in a solid base layer and concrete is one of the favorite. There is no need to nail them and gluing them will do the trick, therefore if you are not a skilled person and wants to do DIY project, you can conveniently create your own design after multiple tries.

choosing parquet wood floor tiles

If you want to complete a rustic look in your office or your living room, wood floor tiles are the easy go-to option. The finished floor made of wood tiles will make the place more homey and welcoming to all members of the family and guests. Remember that your home deserves the best, so don’t just settle with a concrete finish as much as possible. Check out your options in Wood Floors Plus and treat your humble abode into a flooring finish that will be the envy of your neighbors.