Easy Care Techniques for Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Hardwood used for flooring purposes can be of different varieties like Brazilian walnut flooring, rosewood flooring or teak floors. If you want to keep the natural elegance of your indoors intact, you need to take a good care for the floors. In this article, you will learn how to take care of your indoor walnut flooring and keep it as shiny as new one for a long time. In order to keep your floors clean, you need a doormat, a broom, a powerful vacuum cleaner, a few paper towels, floor wax and a buffer. Make sure that you have all these things ready in your home before proceeding to the next steps.

Learning about Your Flooring

This is the first and most crucial step in caring for your Brazilian walnut floor. By following these tips, you can be sure that your flooring will be taken care of accordingly:

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  • First, you need to know what type of floors you have in your home.

  • Sometimes, there are finishing materials on the floor like those offered by Wood Floors Plus.

  • Ask your Brazilian walnut flooring supplier about what type of wood and finishing option is used in your flooring.

  • There are a few types of woods and lamination materials that cannot tolerate floor wax or any other chemical cleaning process.

  • Do not take any risk by applying floor wax and cleaning chemicals newly installed floors. Ask your flooring expert about his suggestion and then follow his guidance.

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Prevention is Always a Better Choice

It is wise to think the other way round. Apart from cleaning your Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring regularly, you should try to keep it clean by placing a mat on your front door. Guests will come, rub their dirty shoes on the mat and then they will enter your home. This way, your floor will be free from chunky mud and dust particles. This is a great idea to keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny. When it’s not dirty, you need less maintenance time and you can utilize the saved time in other household tasks.

Sweep It Off Quickly

You may not like to use your vacuum cleaner more often because it sounds weird. You can avoid using the machine by placing a sweep stick nearby the Brazilian walnut engineered flooring. Whenever you spot dirt or marks in the floor, give off a quick sweep and you are done. However, you can’t do it when guests are standing in front of you. They can feel offended. Therefore, it is better to go for a once in a day vacuum cleaning job for your Brazilian walnut laminate flooring.

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Extra Care Techniques

Anything extra is beneficial, so they say. That being said, this guide has compiled additional caring tips to ensure that your floor is 100% maintained and these are the following:

  • You should not avoid frequent stains and common spills on the Brazilian walnut flooring. You can clean is up by using a wet paper towel.

  • In order to give a nice finishing to your floor cleaning job, you can apply any floor wax, preferably light in composition, to the floor with no urethane finish.

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  • After applying floor wax, stay careful, as wax makes your floor clipper. You can wear slippers with nice rubber grip on the floor.

  • Take a buffer and remove any remaining marks and dullness on the floor. If you do not have a buffer in your home, you can take it in rent. There are some home improvement shops that offer buffers on easy rentals.


There are virtually countless ways of caring for your Brazilian walnut floor. Select the best method that’s convenient for you from the list given above.