Why Bamboo Laminate Flooring Is A Preferred Choice?

Bamboo Laminate flooring enhances the look, feel and appeal of your homes. There are reasons good enough to have bamboo wood floors installed in your kitchen and other rooms. These floors are made from an eco-friendly material and are very durable. Enumerated here are some of the benefits of installing laminate bamboo flooring.


The first question which creeps into your mind when you plan to remodel your kitchen or rooms is: “How much cost I have to incur on flooring and all.” Laminated bamboo flooring costs you lesser than any other type of traditional floorings that people use in designing their kitchens and rooms. You would be pleasantly surprised that in some of the hardware stores, you will get these floorings at the cost of $1-$3/square foot. Even if you go for lesser grades like oak and pine, they will cost you more than this.

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Easy Maintenance

All those housewives who have a hard time to get their floors cleaned at regular intervals will be delighted to know that cleaning and maintenance of bamboo flooring laminate is an easy task. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and strong material and it can withstand a huge foot traffic. It is advisable not to use cleaners containing acids or waxes because they may damage the natural finish and elegance of bamboo flooring.

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Resistant to Moisture

People living in humid areas are a worried lot about their floors getting ruined by the moisture. They should opt for bamboo laminate flooring. Bamboo fibers are resistant to moisture. So, unlike other floorings, bamboo flooring does not swell due to the moisture. The countries having a humid climate prefer the floors made up of bamboo because they can withstand extreme levels of moisture.

Long Lasting and Gives Best Value For Money

If you want the best value for your money, you need not look further and install bamboo floors. These floors are much more durable than so many other types of floors. Bamboo wood is stronger and harder than others. Not only this, it is resistant to scratches and dents. Its durability is one feature that makes it a preferred choice among homeowners.

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A Wide Range of Choices Available

There is a vast range of choices available in bamboo laminate flooring which enhances the elegance of your home. You can select the bamboo floors to suit your budget and your tastes.  Apparently, laminated bamboo flooring is the first choice of the people who want the best value for their money. These floors are great-looking, easy to clean, extremely durable and can withstand high levels of moisture. It is wise to install these floorings in your home. However, choosing just the right place to buy these floors is equally important if you want to get a good deal.

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Wood Floors Plus is a trusted shop which you can reach out to get the best bamboo laminate flooring. You would get a wide range of choices. Many people who have bought bamboo floors from this shop are satisfied and happily recommend this shop to others. You can also research the bamboo laminate flooring reviews to better understand this option before making the purchase.

Useful facts About Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Many people are not sure if strand woven bamboo flooring is their best option because the numerous types of bamboo flooring materials that are available easily mislead and confuse them. This type of flooring, which is known to have the advantage over the other bamboo base types of flooring. It is distinct because the pre-processing methods that it undergoes before you buy it and its construction are unique.

To get the final product in the form of bamboo planks, they adapt the process of laminating the thin flat material bamboo cut layers by applying controlled pressure. As compared to these, strand woven bamboo is made from the cane of the bamboo that comes out as shredded fibers, from which the manufacturers then weave together in order to produce a denser material. They put the latter under extreme pressure and high heat and use adhesives together with these two, which makes it a very durable construction material.

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It gives all wood floors plus that are made of it an original look because it looks beautiful. It is also possible to stain strand woven bamboo flooring for the provision of more coloring and themes that are available with further processing that either helps to carbonize it in order to form up another finish or preserve its natural look.

What to Consider When Using Woven Strand Bamboo Flooring

When you want to use this type of bamboo flooring, you should consider a few things. It can be unreasonable and even difficult to nail it down. It can damage and crack the tongues because it has a thick structure. This makes gluing the preferable attachment method. You should not use engineered floors with woven strand bamboo as the core layer because it causes problems for the whole floor or structural integrity.

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If you want durability and a guarantee that you will have a high quality floor, you ideal solution is strand woven bamboo flooring. This type of flooring is not only a boon for the people who appreciate it and the environment but it also removes all doubts about its strength.

Choosing Bamboo Strand Woven Flooring

When you make the new bamboo flooring your choice, you start going in the green consumerism direction. However, you should make your decision better by choosing this type of flooring because it is more eco-friendly.

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You may be wondering about the difference between the conventional bamboo flooring and strand woven bamboo. Well, according to the strand woven bamboo flooring review, strand woven bamboo has improved a good thing that it has taken. Solid bamboo is used to make standard bamboo planks. The manufacturer nowadays takes the excess material that was a by-product for manufacturing bamboo flooring and coats it by using an adhesive before compressing it to turn it into a recycled product that is referred to as strand woven bamboo. The manufacturer can cut the durable material into any size of boards or planks after compressing it. The material can then be used to replace hardwood flooring.

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Why Strand Woven Bamboo Should Be Your Choice

Nothing can beat the durability and stability of strand woven bamboo especially for use in areas with high traffic. Bamboo is not only renewable as compared to hardwood but it also grows faster. It is a very cost effective source of flooring material and not to mention its unique aesthetic appeal to improve the overall theme of any room.

Encourage your friends to practice and observe environmentally friendly items and activities. Start at home and try out the strand wooden bamboo flooring. Recreate a home starting from the floor that every member of the family deserves to have the best.

Comparing Different Bamboo Flooring Prices

People across the world are now waking up to the fact that there are more sustainable alternatives to conventional hardwood floorings, such as bamboo flooring. It takes anywhere between 2 and 5 years for a bamboo grass crop to be ready for making floors, unlike the conventional wood trees, which can take a minimum of 20 years to grow that tall, and have adequate hardness as well. Bamboo flooring prices also lure customers away from other flooring materials such as marble, ceramic and vinyl. Engineered bamboo floorings look similar to wooden floorings and are comparable in terms of durability as well as hardness. Usually though, people turn to bamboo floorings because bamboo flooring prices fit in their budgets.

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Varieties in bamboo flooring and the variations in their price

There are three varieties of bamboo floorings possible with such grass woods. These are:

  • Solid bamboo variety

Bamboos are hollow on inside. In floorings made from solid bamboo, there are no changes made to this natural aspect of bamboo. Instead, the bamboo sticks are glued together with some contemporary adhesives including at times toxic substances such as formaldehyde. Such floorings are easily identified because of the nodes on them. They are also not very even. Conventionally, such floors were common in South Eastern regions of the world. Even today, these are used by local people. However, people use ropes or shredded bamboo strips to weave the bamboos together. The manufactured varieties have no gaps between them, when compared to the traditional woven varieties. As of date, this type of flooring could cost anywhere between $2 and $4 per square foot.

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  • Engineered bamboo variety

As the name suggests, some engineering is done to obtain this variety of bamboo flooring. Bamboos are cut in layers. These layers are then affixed on another substrate such that a smooth and even flooring material is created. Usually, bamboo floorings are of dull yellow to slightly brighter yellow or golden in color. Engineered varieties are available in different colors which can match different interiors. The strength of this material is, however, a suspect because of factors such as the quality of glue and cross ply support. Even processes such as carbonization used to give this variety required hues can affect its strength. It however scores by looks. This is the reason engineered bamboo flooring prices hover anywhere between $3 and $7 for every square foot.

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  • Strand woven variety

As the name suggests in this variety of bamboo flooring, bamboo is shred into strands and these are woven together. These not only look attractive but are also extremely durable. The only problem is it is hard to differentiate between this flooring variety and conventional wood floorings. Caramelizing and carbonizing of this type of bamboo flooring is possible to give the flooring required shades and textures. Such processes however adversely affect the strength of natural bamboo. As of date, strand woven variety of bamboo flooring is available for anything between $8 and $10 per square foot. Therefore, such bamboo hardwood flooring prices are almost as much as any conventional good quality wooden flooring prices.

Usually, bamboo flooring prices quoted above include installation charges but exclude other costs such as contractor’s profit margin, sales tax, and any inspection or permit fees applicable locally. Prices of such floorings from reputed wood flooring retailers such as wood floors plus are usually lower because such companies have more sophisticated equipments and better technologies at their disposal for installing bamboo floorings.

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Though a green alternative to conventional hardwood, there are disadvantages of bamboo crop. Larger area is needed to grow such crops, since yield of wood per bamboo is not much. Unlike these, each tree can give substantial timber. Bamboo also needs to be transported from tropical regions to other parts of world. Therefore, bamboo flooring prices per square foot include costs towards transportation. Charges towards relevant supplies and equipments are also included in such costs.

A Bamboo Flooring Review

Bamboo flooring is very popular with interior designers since it is a contemporary, eco-friendly flooring option. There are a number of factors which you need to consider when buying bamboo flooring materials. You need to consider the size, style and color of the planks and the installation method. Bamboo flooring review – whether it is stranded bamboo flooring review or Golden Select bamboo flooring review – indicates that it is a relatively economical material and the cost per square foot depends on a number of characteristics. There is no standard grading system for rating the quality in bamboo materials and so you will need to get a well known dealer who will deliver high quality materials from trustworthy sources.

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Finding a Reputable Seller through Reviews

Many reputable dealers provide a warranty with every purchase of flooring material. A structural integrity warranty for bamboo flooring covers the material strength of the floor. You may also get a surface warranty for pre-finished flooring. High quality bamboo flooring comes with longer and more extensive warranty. The strength of bamboo flooring is measured relative to the hardwood flooring materials depending on various factors. Darker hues of bamboo are caused by carbonization which weakens the material. Opt for light colored bamboo flooring materials. Late or premature harvesting of bamboo results in a weaker material.

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Strand woven materials are the most durable bamboo flooring. They are made by shredding the stalk of bamboo and then reconstituting it into a block through use of pressure and adhesive. This block is then cut into useable flooring planks. Strand woven bamboo flooring review shows that this is a great alternative to the hardwood flooring and can withstand a lot of traffic and heavy furniture. With proper maintenance, this flooring type can last for multiple generations. Based on bamboo flooring review, strand woven materials resemble exotic hardwoods.

The Best Supplier in the Industry

Wood Floors Plus boasts the best products and pricing in the market. They have a much larger selection of products in stock than their competitors. Their customer service is great. In case you have any query or need assistance when shopping for a flooring product that suits you, there will be a knowledgeable associate available to help you. They are very clear on their return policy. The products are offered at a large discount without any loss in quality. It is recommended that you do a bit of research to get an idea of the bamboo floor type you want before you go shopping. You can also purchase from them online with guaranteed delivery.

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Bamboo flooring, as said in expert bamboo flooring review websites, is made either using the plank type procedure whereby the bamboo strips are laminated together to form flooring planks or by weaving the floors together to form a stranded bamboo flooring. The stranded flooring is made using excess bamboo pieces which are then woven together tightly, coated with an adhesive and tightly compressed and permitted to set up. The resultant material is cut into planks which are used as flooring.

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Adhesive coating and the compression period in part makes stranded flooring stronger than the plank bamboo flooring. Its main strength comes from the process of weaving which creates tightly locked bonds that are superior in strength compared to unwoven materials of a similar type.


And that was a comprehensive bamboo flooring review that introduced you to the basics of the different types of bamboo flooring. From the important qualities up to the most reliable sources, this article has got them all covered. Through this informative guide, this site hoped that you now know exactly where to go for your bamboo flooring needs.

Bamboo Flooring – Eco-Friendly Flooring For Your Home

A bamboo flooring plan is an eco-friendly design option for your home. Bamboo grass is fast growing and thus is highly sustainable for extensive commercial use. It is far less sensitive to temperature changes hence can be used in almost any geographic location. It is light weight, sturdy and is available in many grains and hues to allow for design varieties. It’s about time that this economical flooring material should take the center stage and what better to start using them than at the comfort of your own home.

What To Expect From Floors Made Of Bamboo

Bamboo laminate flooring is fast becoming a popular flooring choice. It is highly water resistant and can withstand great amounts of pressure without warping. Stains do not seep into bamboo flooring plans making them convenient and easy to maintain. Installation is ideal for many locations in the house.

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Other advantages of laminate flooring;

  • It is firmly based hence creates little foot noise.

  • Production process involves use of bio-degradable resins and other bamboo waste fibers.

  • The process has minimal impact on the environment and is highly economical.

  • The floors are ready for use just after installation.

  • There are no delays in waiting the project to cure. Little disruption is experienced during the renovation assignment. It is highly ideal for redecoration of commercial sites.

  • Magnificent grains and finishes can be obtained with strand bamboo flooring designs. Strand technology involves setting the fibers in adhesive to create a stable plank material.

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It gives the floor a high density that makes it durable and hardy. Installing it is a worthwhile investment that is sure to stand the test of time. Many of the features of bamboo hardwood flooring are remarkably similar to real hardwood species. Its durability and capacity to withstand high load make it a favorite for many renovation works. Fading is likely to occur over time. This can be handled by sanding and applying a refinish coat uniformly over the planks.

Installation Overview

Installing bamboo flooring is a relatively manageable task that can be performed with the right set of tools and methods. Careful planning directs the project costs and the timelines needed to successfully complete the project;

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  • Calculate the area in square feet in order to determine the amount of flooring planks that will be required. Factor this figure with the area of an individual board to get a correct estimate.

  • Source the materials from suppliers and get the proper power tools and safety gear for the task.

  • Prepare the sub-floor by ensuring that it is level and clean.

  • Neatly mount the planks in an adhesive base applied on the sub-floor. Work with small areas at a time for finesse.

Proper Care

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Ensure that the site conditions meet the set installation standards so as to guarantee the best outcomes. Use the correct power tools and dust mask to prevent dust from entering your eyes or ears. Extensive renovation works are best handled by expertise support to yield good outcomes. Make sure the skilled professionals have a good reputation and highly recommended. If possible, be present when they do the maintenance work to guide them with specific instructions for your desired outcome.

Wood floors plus contractors offer fine quality flooring items at price points that are meant to fit any budget. Their product catalogue is all-inclusive so as to meet every flooring want. A variety of in-store discounts is available for large purchase. If you are looking for a one stop shop for all your flooring material needs, then these people and their expertise are the best in the business.