Where to Find Discount Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood type of flooring is without doubt among the most favored types of flooring, particularly when talking about discount hardwood flooring. The elegance and ageless beauty, not to mention the warm and natural atmosphere that hardwood floors create in a house are just some of the many reasons why many people want it. It is also quite easier to match and blend a room décor with this type of flooring, and this makes it the favorite of interior designers and decorators. Hardwood flooring discount also makes it more practical for any budget-conscious homeowner to introduce discount hardwood flooring to their homes. If you are looking to save more without having to sacrifice quality and aesthetic appeal, you should definitely consider hardwood flooring.

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Benefits and Advantages

Hardwood floors are also durable and can stay the same way even after several years when maintained and cared for properly. Because of that, having hardwood floors are considered to be a wise investment by property owners as it can also increase the property’s resale value. But, hardwood flooring can be very expensive. The price of the flooring usually depends on the size, type of wood, manufacturing process, color and finish.

Tips in Finding Discounted Hardwood Floors

If you want the unchanging appeal of this type of flooring but working on a tight budget, below are some tips to follow to help you get great discount solid hardwood flooring deals.

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  • A good idea is to find a flooring supplier that offers wholesale. Normally, purchasing wholesale can be less expensive since many suppliers offer discounts that can reach up to fifty percent less than retail. This is superb if you are installing over large square footage. But, it can prove to be a tricky if you only want to cover a small floor area of the house. Most flooring suppliers might require you to buy flooring in pre-determined lots.
  • If you really want to install hardwood flooring in your house and would not mind a particular type of finish or wood type you can find, you can actually ask around in the local flooring retailers and look for their lowest prices on wood flooring. If you are lucky, some flooring suppliers might be having some types of hardwood flooring in their catalogs which they want to get rid off of their inventory in order to make room for newer ones. It is very possible you can get a great deal on discount unfinished hardwood flooring. But you need to ensure that the low price does not compromise the quality of your floor, so ensure that the discount hardwood flooring does not have defects.

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  • If you have visited every home improvement warehouse and store near your area yet you are still not able to spot the best deals that can fit your budget, you can also look for other options that offer lower hardwood flooring prices online. Once you’re able to get a good price, you can buy the planks and have them installed right away. This will help you save more on the labor cost as you no longer need to pay someone else to do the job for you. Wood Floors Plus is a good starting point especially if you are looking to find the lowest prices offered.

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Final Thoughts

You definitely do not want to spend your allotted money on discount hardwood flooring and just end up with damaged and defective after a short period of time. This will cost more in repairs and maintenance, so it is advisable to carefully select and purchase depending on these factors listed above. Hopefully, you will then be able to manage and decide well on your home remodeling project. 

Cheap Hardwood Flooring: How to Choose Quality and Affordable Contractors

Well-fixed cheap hardwood flooring not only adds beauty to your premises but also enhances quality which leads to efficiency while working on it. It is therefore vital to put to consideration matters regarding quality and appearance when trying to fix a new hard wood floor. This brings a welcoming sight to visitors at your place at the same time ensuring durability. You definitely want the kind of flooring that can last for a considerable amount of time so as to save more on replacement cost and maintenance.

Therefore, you need to make the right choice of experts who come to fix your floor so you can get the best outcome and at good prices. Your decision matters a lot because there are different contractors who are specializing in fixing floors. It may be hard and daunting to choose especially if you do not have prior knowledge and experience about the whole process. Below are some of the matters you need to consider before making any move to hire people to fix your floor. These factors should be able to help you out to make this task easier and beneficial.

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Key points to remember

  • Experience of workers

You need to look into their experience record to avoid working with amateurs who may not offer the right quality of work. Visit different wood floors plus professionals and material suppliers to get to know the best people to hire. They can give you the right information regarding different group of professionals and as a result you will be able to pick the best from the list.

  • Reputation

It is also very important to consider the reputation of the group you wish to hire for cheap unfinished hardwood flooring. A good reputation is a reflection of clear and good work history. Seek to know about the past records concerning the group that you are about to give hardwood flooring work. Hiring well reputed people reduces chances of getting any losses by a big margin. This helps to give you cheap hardwood flooring as minimal or no losses are encountered.

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  • Cost

Getting cheap engineered hardwood flooring may not be that easy. You may have the work done at that low cost but the quality may not match your expectations. Therefore, to ensure you get the best from that low cost, go for people who have served in the market for many years. Getting cheap hardwood flooring from them may not necessarily reflect low quality as they strive to uphold their reputation. However, make sure before you give out any work you have enough funds at your disposal to avoid unnecessary flaws.

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  • Environment matters

Looking for cheap solid hardwood flooring may sound as a very good idea to many. However, you need to consider the impact of your outcome towards your surroundings. Consider noise reduction while choosing your flooring material. It is also basic to note that some types of hard wood floors may not contribute to good air quality. Make the right choice to ensure health matters are catered for.

Durability and quality

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Everyone would like to have a long lasting effect from his work. Choosing materials and people to fix your floors contributes a lot to enhancing durability of your floor. It is important to work with people well suited to flooring matters so as to avoid many losses due to frequent replacements and repairs. You can also consult with different people to get information regarding the best type of materials to use for cheap hardwood flooring. All this will help you get the right quality that enhances durability and beauty.

Choosing the Best Hardwood Floors and Their Cleaning Tools

It is a common tendency for people to perform all sorts of changes in the house to enhance the interior beauty. There are various decorative items available to enhance the inner beauty of homes. Among all of the items, floors get higher preference, and if it is hardwood floors then there is not second option about it. If the best hardwood floors are installed then without a doubt, the beauty of interiors will be in a whole new level.

Finding the Finest Hardwood Floors

It’s a wise choice to go for some of the best hardwood floors available in the market when flooring is the concept. But, there are certain factors to bear in mind before finalizing the type of hardwood floors. With precise knowledge about hardwood floors, one can find the best in the market and also save some cash easily.

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  • Ample amount of research must be carried out before finalizing a design or the type of hardwood.
  • It’s vital to understand about the types such as pre-finished and unfinished hardwoods.
  • Either its better talking with the salesperson or to check over online as there are plenty of websites that can offer precise knowledge to make the ideal selection.
  • If the installation of hardwood is not done manually, then hiring the best contractor is recommended. It’s wise to contact at least 4 contractors before closing the deal with one.

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Hardwood Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the prime factors to ensure the best durability of hardwoods. Hence, vacuuming them often is greatly advised by the experts when it comes down to the maintenance of hardwood floors. For better maintenance of hardwood floors, the best vacuum is the ultimate choice. But with numerous options and names lurking in the market, how and where exactly do you start? Read on below to get a glimpse of the proper steps in choosing a hardwood cleaning equipment.

Tips To Find the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

If you are a beginner and you do not know exactly how to pick the best cleaner for your hardwood floor, then this list will help you all throughout the way.

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  • If it’s a big house and has lots of rooms to be cleaned, then the lightweight vacuum is ideal choice as it can be moved very easily.
  • For all those who are allergic to dust, bagless vacuum cleaner with good filtration system would be best choice. The model with HEPA is the best as it can catch 99.9 percent of the allergens in the air and will purify it.
  • For all pet owners, the vacuum that can grab all the pet hair in the carpets, rugs and those in between the joints of furniture’s is the ideal choice.
  • The canister selected must be easy to replace and to empty it. The filters must not require frequent replacement and should be easy maintenance type.
  • The vacuum with crevice tool is the best cleaner for hardwood floors as it can reach corners, difficult and touch to reach or clean areas and the small spaces of the house.

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Final Thoughts on Everything about Hardwood Floors

For all those people who prefer owning a best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors then as per the customer reviews, However LINX is considered as the best in the market. With the best vacuum available in the market, one can easily clean wood floors plus all other furry places of the house. Even furniture’s can be easily cleaned to maintain well and get ultimate durability and at the same time, increase the appeal of interiors. With fine maintenance using best vacuum cleaner, the best hardwood floors would be at its finest!

Choosing Between Solid or Engineered Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

The task of choosing prefinished hardwood flooring can be time consuming and alarming because the market nowadays offers a wide array of hardwood flooring materials. Recommendations, advantages, and discounts are also available in many locations that are competing with their rivals. Consequently, they make it difficult for business or home owners to make formidable decisions because they confuse them. This is particularly and most often the case with those who are going through the selection for the first time. They are unaware of what factors to consider or how to choose appropriately.

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Frustrated business and home owners usually surrender, give in to all kinds of sales presentations and purchase wood flooring materials that they consider the cheapest in order to complete an extremely uneventful process. Unfortunately, they face surprising negative consequences as soon as they install their floors when they purchase hardwood flooring by considering its price. This is the reason why it is highly important to be aware of the pros and cons of each flooring type first before coming up with a decision. This will help you come up with a wiser and more informed choice that you will not regret.

Materials for prefinished hardwood flooring 

According to prefinished hardwood flooring reviews, materials for prefinished hardwood flooring are available in two types namely engineered and solid, which you can find in various finishes and colors. The pricing for every square foot ,which is still a determining factor that weary and price conscious purchasers usually overlook, and the composition of these two types of wood flooring materials differ greatly even though they are both durable.

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Pre-finished engineered wood flooring is nowadays the most popular selection when it comes to prefinished hardwood flooring that is beyond the conventional floor covering means namely, the carpet. The construction of this type of flooring is done by using 3-10 layers of wood and these layers face opposite directions that are glued under a lot of pressure in order to give them endurance.

Many people have always associated the term “engineered” with stigmas of “cheap” or poorly constructed flooring when it was initially introduced. However, other than a process that is used to manufacture and produce this excellent flooring material, it does not have anything to do with what prefinished oak hardwood flooring materials consist of. 

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Just as its name implies, prefinished solid hardwood flooring means “solid” wood that has unlimited species for you to choose from. Solid wood flooring, which has thicknesses of “3/4” typical to “5/16”, locks all members together by using a “no-glue” fashion because it is fabricated in groove and tongue configuration. Although groove and tongue solid prefinished flooring may be free-floated by using appropriate underlayment in order to allow it to contract and expand when the temperature changes, it is usually nailed in by using specialized tools.

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Below grade installations like basements should not use “3/4 inch groove and tongue solid flooring because it seriously affects the wood when it is installed over concrete surfaces that have been in existence. Seam separation, cupping, and buckling are common indications that solid wood flooring has been installed incorrectly or in inappropriate locations. 

In conclusion

Engineered pre-finished wood flooring has become the most recognized choice for wood floors plus and most notorious for affordable pricing and value as compared to the five types of materials that are used for hardwood flooring. The installation of engineered flooring material is done in a groove and tongue manner just like the pre-finished solid material. However, as compared to solid pre-finished flooring, engineered wood flooring offers options when you want to install it. In effect, it increases consumer awareness significantly.

Black Hardwood Flooring Decor for Upscale Homes

Black hardwood flooring is a classic decoration that carries a feel of understated elegance. Well executed concepts are a spectacular sight to behold. A homeowner looking to upgrade or renovate the flooring plan should consider this alternative due to the many benefits it has in store for them. If you are in this particular situation, you will surely love knowing the valuable information this article has comprehensively presented below.

Among the many names in the industry, Wood Floors Plus is garnering the topmost spot. The company is geared with a team of skilled experts who offer a comprehensive product listing as well as top notch consultation service. Terrific deals can be made from their in-house promotional sales and other offerings. Customer support is friendly and helpful so as to give the client a good experience that will enable a fast and hassle free project completion.

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Design types

If you are at a loss on which type of hardwood to choose, here is a list that you can use as a basis when looking at your favorite hardware or home improvement store:

  • Solid Black Hardwood

Solid black walnut hardwood flooring is a high grade alternative that revamps the average household look and gives it a timeless elegance. This decoration concept is one of the most costly undertakings in the market. Value that is created from a finished project is sure to increase the market worth of the entire home significantly.

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  • Black Cherry Hardwood

A fresh and attractive outlook can be obtained by adopting black cherry hardwood flooring. The wondrous streaks and patterned knots that appear on its surface create a visually appealing motif. Its capacity to develop into a deep rich tone makes it a favorite furnishing for many upscale projects. Various grains and finishes are available to spoil the user for choice. The wide design range gives freedom to follow custom layouts. A home gets its own snappy personality from suitable hardwood themes.

Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Black hardwood flooring ideas give the user unlimited renovation capacity to transform any arduous assignment to a rewarding experience. Here are the most popular concepts:

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  • Styling points are determined by the wood species to be used in the project. Dark tones to reddish hues can be neatly embedded into any floor space to give it a glamorous feel.
  • Vintage and retro designs are popular undertakings that are sure to yield fantastic results. Other custom varieties include hand etched flawless designs from skilled craftsmen.
  • Kitchen and dining rooms are popular areas for dark hardwood floors. These can be made either to contrast or blend with other interior furnishings.
  • Satin and glossy finishes give a neat classy look that accentuates the overall design theme.
  • Different structures and grain outlays can be adopted into any decoration scheme to give it an exotic glow on top of aesthetic value and superior protection.

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Maintenance Tips for Black Hardwood Flooring

  • Exposed areas that receive a daily dose of sunshine are susceptible to fading. This creates uneven tones if unmanaged. Regular refinishing and glossing reduce this effect.
  • It is advisable to shop for the best tune up materials early in order to encourage commitment to servicing duties. This helps preserve the investment.
  • Carry out repairs as soon as need arises. Minor scratches and stains need to be dealt with promptly to lessen the burden of accumulated tune up cost and hassle.

Professional outsourcing guarantees satisfaction of any desired preference. Selecting the right contractors for installation and maintenance will determine the level of accomplishment. It is worthwhile to convey your intentions clearly so as to get first rate outcomes.

Different Types of Hardwood Floors Explained

The knowledge of hardwood flooring types comes in handy when you want to make a choice. It is always important to have background information of anything you want to acquire. Wood flooring is preferred mostly because of its durability, restoration degree and ease of maintenance. Wood flooring is described as any floor product that is made from timber. However, the floor made of bamboo trees are categorized as exotic hardwood flooring types. This is because the similarity in terms of characteristics.

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Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring being manufactured by leading names today such as Wood Floors Plus is categorized into two major types – solid and engineered wood floors. These two hardwood flooring types differ in terms of manufacturing, installation and maintenance. To give you a better idea on how they look like and how exactly they are constructed, this article has described them briefly for you.

  • Solid wood floor

The solid wood floor is made from planks of wood which are milled from one chunk of timber. The solid wood floor comes in various types. Their finishing is either done to completion at the factory or carried raw in which case the finishing is done during installation. The solid wood floor is made of timber which three quarters on an inch. This thickness gives them large allowance for tear and wear.

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  • Engineered wood floor

On the other hand, the engineered wood floor is made by joining two or more layers of timber to form a single plank. The top most layer is the one which remains visible, the other layers just forms a base for the floor. The base, also known as the core, can be made of different kinds of wood. For instance, the veneer floor core is made of composite wood product while the acrylic wood floor uses a layer of wood impregnated with acrylic liquid and hardened. The engineered floor does not have a large allowance for grinding and sanding. However, when the top layer gets worn it can be replaced by new layer which gives the floor a perfect new look.

The Engineered Floor Misconception

There is a misconception that the vinyl and laminated floors are types of engineered floors. This misconception comes about due to their appearance. However, it is important to note that they are not wooden floors. For instance the laminated floor is just a layer of floor which is designed to resemble a wooden floor. On the other hand, vinyl floor is made of plastic which look like wood.

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Minor Types of Hardwood Flooring

There are other minor classifications that bring up hardwood flooring types. For instance there is the floating wood floor and those that are glued to the underlying sub-floors. The floating wood flooring as the name suggest is not glued to the sub-floor, on the contrary a piece of foam is placed between them. During installation the floating floor is glued onto the layer of foam to give better comfort, less risk of injury, less breakage when fragile materials fall off, and many other benefits in store.

Hardwood Floor Benefits

If you are still skeptical about using hardwood flooring, well these benefits should convince you to pursue with the switch:

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  • Clean and safe, especially for people with allergies
  • Low maintenance, simple mopping will do
  • Sustainable because it is made from wood, a renewable material
  • Unmatched quality and value since it never goes out of style

The Ultimate Choice

The choice among different types of hardwood floor is driven by the intended use. For instance, if you want a wooden floor for the living room, the solid wood flooring comes in handy. This is because the floor can withstand the high level of wear and tear. For your bedroom or study you can for the engineered floor, they are not friendly to high level of wear and tear.

Expectations for Hardwood Flooring Prices

 If you have decided to use hardwood floors to upgrade your home, the types of hardwood floors and hardwood flooring prices are probably overwhelming you. A few years ago, people only chose from solid wood floor. However, nowadays, laminates and engineered wood floors are not only available in the flooring market but they are also taking it by storm. Although it is more difficult to select owing to the more options that are available, you can also get new wood floors at a lower cost because of the addition of laminates and engineered wood floors. Installation of these choices is also easier and hence, it is possible for you to save on the cost of installing them.

best hardwood flooring prices

Carpeting prices are similar to hardwood flooring prices. The cost that is printed is only for the material. You should factor in the underlayment cost, installation cost, and other details including transitions, moldings, and nails. The cost of solid wood floors ranges from $1.50 to $4.00 for every square foot while laminate hardwood flooring prices can be as low as $0.65. The cost varies greatly across stores and you can find wholesale and online deals if you decide to install the floors on your own.

What to consider when buying wood floors plus

The type of flooring that will best suit your home and the amount of flooring that you need should be the first questions that you should ask yourself when you are deciding to go for wood floors plus. Although many people agree that solid wood is the most beautiful, it is the most expensive. Homeowners usually prefer a maple or solid oak construction. However, solid wood floors have some drawbacks that need consideration especially because their cost is higher.

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  • First, rooms that have full baths or below grade applications cannot install solid wood floors. Second, these floors are susceptible to moisture, easily dented and soft. You should reconsider if you have a busy home. Finally, installation of solid wood floors is very difficult and you need to hire a professional to do it. Labor is responsible for the increase in hardwood flooring prices. In fact, since plenty of physical labor is necessary for this kind of installation, some installers do not like to handle it.

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  • Second, if you want beautiful wood floors to benefit you greatly without bearing their high cost, you should consider engineered wood floors because engineered hardwood flooring prices are much lower. These floors have a veneered wood top and plywood center. Hence, they are different from real wood. Engineered wood does not only prevent the floor from shifting a lot by acclimating to its temperature in a better way but it is also more durable. Below grade applications can also install it because of this versatility. The best thing about engineered wood floors is that they are installed by using a groove and tongue installation. Hence, all pieces lock and snap together.

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  • Lastly, if you want a professional to install your flooring, the installation will cost much less since it is not difficult to do and the professional can carry it out in a day. However, most homeowners prefer to install it on their own, which helps in keeping the cost even lower. Just keep in mind that you will have to factor in the unfinished hardwood flooring prices and the cost of subflooring or a quality underlayment.

Buying the perfect wood flooring for your house should not that tough if you have set your budget and have done your research about it. There are many companies that offer affordable wood floor products at reasonable prices without sacrificing the quality of the materials. If you have set your goal in making your dream house with wood flooring, there is surely a best time for its completion and realization.

Why Consider Wholesale Hardwood Flooring

When considering the remodeling of your home, you are most likely thinking of putting carpet in the areas of your home that already have carpet in them. Think about this for just a moment – when you have carpeted floors there are many issues with them, such as having to purchase carpet cleaner and worry about staining, keeping and maintaining the vacuum that you own and the life of the carpet that is in your home, too. Needless to say, you will have to regularly exert effort and even maintenance costs just to keep it looking good and clean all the time.

When you think of hardwood floors, you may think that the upkeep is grueling. However, it is quite the opposite. Hardwood floors offer you many advantages and even offer health benefits for those who reside in your home. If you have a home full of carpet, you may want to consider hardwood floors and the many benefits that they offer you and your family. At the end of the day, you will realize how practical and smart it actually is to make the switch.

best wholesale hardwood flooring

Affordable hardwood flooring

Wholesale hardwood flooring is a great way to go if you are wanting to save money, as the companies who offer this can sell you the floors at a price, and still give you the benefit of installation and warranties. Wood Floors Plus is a reliable company to consider if you are thinking of wholesale hardwood flooring, and they are definitely a cost effective way to go with regard to re-flooring your home.

They offer a website which walks you through the steps for choosing your flooring, and even includes the option of how to check for flaws in the wood, shows you step-by-step how to install the flooring yourself as another money-saver technique, and even discusses the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring wholesale for your home improvement needs.

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Benefits of wholesale hardwood flooring

As per the benefits of this type of flooring, wood flooring will alleviate many issues that carpet flooring can create. Carpet will hold onto moisture, which can sometimes breed mold and mildew. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, this can be a health concern. Also, if your carpet does show signs of mold and mildew, there is nothing to do but replace it, which is expensive and time consuming. Wholesale unfinished hardwood flooring does not retain moisture in the way that carpet does, eliminating this issue.

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Carpet will also absorb temperature when seasons change and temperatures fluctuate; this is also something that a change in flooring type can help with, as wood will not absorb the temperature, but retain a more stable temperature of its own. Also, carpet will hold onto flakes of skin, pet hair, and pet dander, which breeds dust and dust mites, also an allergy concern for family members and friends, which, once again, can be dealt with by switching out carpet for wood.

More hardwood options

best wholesale unfinished hardwood flooring

Hand scraped hardwood flooring wholesale which was more popular back in the 1800s, is also making a comeback, as it was sturdier than the more popular forms of wood and wood-like flooring, such as Pergo. Wholesale hardwood flooring companies and suppliers can also offer this as an option, and also shows a how-to guide on the site as to how to look for flaws in this type of wood as well.

Overall, the benefits of switching your flooring from carpet to hardwood far outweigh the cost of the change. Wholesale wood flooring is a great way to begin this process, as a way to save money and make this change for your home and your family.

Different Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Having prefinished hardwood floors is the perfect way to add elegance and value to the overall appearance of your house. This type of flooring creates an upscale and gives your house a dramatic look. This is exactly the reason why the floor has gained a lot of popularity among many home owners. If you are thinking of something new and refreshing as a flooring option, you should definitely consider prefinished hardwood. Below are some of the benefits that you can get the moment you decided to install this type of flooring.

installing best prefinished hardwood floors

Fast and easy installation

Unlike many other types of hardwood floors, installing prefinished hardwood floors is easier because the planks come ready to be installed instantly without any work to be done. The good thing is that you do not need to hire an expert to do the finishing for you, thus saving you a lot of cost. It also offers a lot of convenience because you do not have to move your family for one day or two when the finishing is being done.

Despite the fact that you might pay for more with hardwood floors, you end up saving the extra cost of finishing and sanding on the site. No vast clean up is required after the installation process. After the installation, you do not have to wait for the finishing to completely cure as it happens with other types of hardwood floors. Therefore, if you desire to have floor upgrade or replacement within a short period of time, this is the best hardwood floor for you. Refinishing prefinished hardwood floors is also easier and faster which also leads to reduction of labor cost and time. 


Long lasting finish with warranty

In addition to fast installation, prefinished hardwood floors also provide a hard finish. The factory installation gives for greater durability and long lasting and the finish is applied in a uniform or similar manner and has a warranty from the manufacturers. The finish has the ability to hold up heavy traffic and wear, making it the best option for public places, family homes, living rooms and other hallways.

This is the reason why families with children opt to install prefinished hardwood for their homes. They no longer have to worry about the kids running around or staining the floor. Prefinished products offer the kind of consistency needed for hard wood floor coating. The products also come with a wider coverage and by getting the best prefinished hardwood floors you have the peace of mind needed at home because you are guaranteed of a long lasting floor. This means not having to worry about replacement or repair anytime soon.

best exquisite and durable wood floors plus

Better and cleaner for health

The process of finishing a newly installed unfinished hardwood floors requires a lot of work. The sanding process produces a lot of dusts that can lead to allergic reactions. The last process also involves the use of toxic fumes that can make you and your family be exposed to the chemicals and smells. However, all the above risks are eliminated when using prefinished hardwood floors because all the toxic fumes and dust are left in the factory. This ensures that your home is a healthy place for living. This is also particularly beneficial for the children and babies as they are very much prone to allergic reactions and chemicals.

best refinishing prefinished hardwood floors

With the above benefits it is advisable to use the prefinished floors for your home. There are many firms out there that provide high quality prefinished products, for example, Wood Floors Plus that will give you high quality and long lasting services. All you need is to get the exact products you want and be guaranteed of the best services.

Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor

It is not a strange occurrence to find a house with wooden floors and more so, best hardwood floor. Actually it is the “in” thing now and all that makes the beauty of it is the glamorous look that leaves it shiny and all appealing. It is suitable for all kinds of setups from houses, offices, hotels, hospitals, shops and even entertainment joints. It is absolutely a unique way of adding taste and value to the interior part of the building. Among the hardwood floors are the walnut, teak, oak, pecan and maple woods for this kind of a job.

Choosing the right kind of hardwood floor can be quite a task but with some tips in mind, then you will not have to struggle too much to go ahead with it. With a clear plan of the cost to be incurred, durability and availability, then you are good to go. Also keep in mind the density of the wood to be used since the heavier the wood, the tasking the installation process.

best place to buy wood floors plus

Hardwood Floor Finishing

Just fixing the wooden floor, and more so the best hardwood floor is not good enough if the finishing is not put in mind. Most fishing style come up due to preferences and your lifestyle. There are several ways in which you can have your hardwood floor finished and they include:

  • Water based finishes

  • Oil based finishes

  • Acid cured finishes

  • Moisture cured finishes

  • Wax finishes

best hardwood floor review

Of all these and much more styles of finish, you can only decide the best hardwood floor finish since there is no clear-cut mark of which is the best. It is all in your choice and likes.

Care of Hardwood Floors

Just like any other floors, these also need to be taken care of and cleaning is exactly what this is all about. You cannot just wake up one day and start scrubbing a wooden floor just the way you do on a normal cement floor. There are specific instructions and precautions to be considered while cleaning the wooden floors.

best hardwood floor finish reviews

Deeper Cleaning – Use suggested cleaning product for this kind of cleaning since the aim to get rid of long term dirt that has been lying there for a while. Irreversible damages may happen that would ruin the overall aesthetic value of your flooring material.

Mark Removal – Stains are common things in the day-to-day activity and getting your wooden floor stained is no different. Special hardwood cleaners are used for each type of stains. Among the best hardwood floor cleaner include:

  • Fine steel wool

  • Vinegar

  • Mineral spirits

  • Turpentine

  • Steam cleaning

best hardwood floor cleaner review

Well, if you did not know that hardwood floors can actually be steamed then you are in for a rude shock. Steaming the floor is one way of keeping it clean but care has to be taken while doing so otherwise the floor will be damaged. The best hardwood floor steam cleaner uses water and is efficient. Steam get in to cracks and kills germs and bacteria present. Do not over do it as you may end up distorting your wonderful floor.

It is clear this is something to think about. You can visit Wood Floors Plus for the best hardwood floor available in the market. The wide range of products that they offer will certainly make your decision a bit stressful and rewarding but their representatives will guide and educate you along the way to make your investment the perfect fit for your home. Take your time to contemplate the different factors to come up with a decision. You have to be patient as the homeowner and don’t rush things up.