What You Need to Know about Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring definitely enhances the beauty of your home or office. The extra bling provided by the flooring is simply unmatched. Nowadays people from different walks of life prefer wooden flooring over other types of floors because of the natural beauty and durability of the wood. If you are planning to make a new home or office and willing to give your rooms a contemporary and elegant look, then your number one choice should be wooden flooring.

Is It a Do It Yourself Installation?

To some extent the answer to this question is yes and no as well. Yes, in case if you are capable of doing little hard work and know few basic techniques to handle the wide plank flooring, then you can do this job on your own. You can also ask help and suggestions from other people who already have previous experience with such kind of projects.

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On the contrary, if you think that you aren’t capable or equipped enough to accomplish this task, then it’s better to look for some very good professionals or experts to accomplish this task for you. This will help you save time and money as well. It is always wiser and more practical to never attempt doing something that you are not very sure of, especially when it comes to installing wood floors. When done incorrectly, it will only lead to serious damage and inconvenience that you definitely do not want to experience.

Advantages of Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Unlike other woods, pine wood becomes more attractive as it grows old. This means you will indulge even more into the ecstasy of this wonderful wooden flooring with the passage of time. It comes in different varieties to match all of your flooring needs. If you want to buy a slightly darker version, then heartwood pine is good. For great admirers of knot free wood, a great option of clear pine flooring is also available. As you can see, there are more than enough options for you to choose from regardless of your taste and preference.

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Tips for Pine Flooring Care

Make sure that your pine wood floor is properly sealed. Proper sealing can protect flooring from dirt and spillage. Use little cushioning for your furniture to protect flooring from scratches. Always clean your pine floor with recommend cleaner. Do not drag heavy objects on the surface of floor as this can severely damage the pine flooring badly. Always remember that it pays to maintain your pine floors. Doing so will ensure that your floor will remain good looking and durable for as long as possible.

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Advantages of Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain. They retain their original color for longer periods. Wood floors plus offers huge range of wide plank flooring that can resist scratches and dents to a greater extent compared with the other wooden flooring. Wide planks are easy to install and maintain and they also look elegant. You can refinish hardwood floors several times to match your colors needs. Wide plank flooring is ideal for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

Tips for Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Care

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If you have oak based hardwood flooring, then it is necessary to wax it to protect from moisture. Protect the flooring from any kind of spillage, if this ever occurs then immediate wipe it with the help of soft cloth. Turpentine oil can be used to protect wood from termites and moisture as well.

As a final word, you can say that wide plank flooring can really help you achieve the desired look for your rooms. This flooring is not only beautiful, but also very long lasting compared with other flooring.

Wholesale Flooring Insight

In today’s world people don’t put carpets on the floor for decor, instead they do install beautiful wholesale flooring in the whole house and it looks fabulous. A classy well maintained floor is very beautiful and it makes the cleaning work easy. Floors also retain dust or mold if not cleaned regularly. Wholesale wood flooring is safe for people who are allergic to dust and fur and they are good for pets because you can clean immediately if they shed fur or soil.

Wholesale flooring is economical because it’s done by the same constructor once and they give you discount for the material and the labor since it’s a lot of purchase and work. It also helps the full house to match and look elegant. Before you estimate the cost of your installation consider the price of the material per foot, labor cost, price of moving furniture, demolition cost, delivery charges and sub-floor preparation.

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Types of Wholesale Flooring

There are many types of flooring but this article will only focus on two; hardwood and laminate.

  • Wholesale hardwood flooring

Most people go with wholesale hardwood flooring because it has a warm color and natural beauty. It’s also very easy to refinish, durable and not very costly. Hardwood is available in walnut, teak, oak, pecan and maple. Maple is medium brown and the least expensive while walnut is dark brown and the most expensive. The success of hardwood flooring depends on how it’s installed and how you take care of it; hardwood must be sanded and vanished every now and then. It can be bought finished or unfinished depending on your needs but you should buy a few extra pieces in case of anything. They are installed with a pad beneath to protect moisture and noise penetration. A store like Wood Floors Plus will offer you the best advice regarding hardwood.

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  • Wholesale laminate flooring

Wholesale laminate flooring is becoming very popular among the middle class. It’s made by infusing synthetic or plastic to look like wood or stone. It’s cheap to buy and install and is available in 5 colors. The best thing about laminate however is that laminate is scratch and fade resistance so it’s the best flooring for high traffic house areas. The downside of laminate is that once it’s damaged it can’t be repaired it must be removed and it’s really noisy. That said, it’s the best flooring to install by yourself because it locks mechanically and it doesn’t touch the sub-floor. It’s easy to clean and can last for very many years.

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Tips in choosing the right flooring for your house

  • Most flooring are made of wood but because of the different kinds of wood used to make these floorings, there are also different hues and texture and patterns. Red wood has different appearance than Oak and Pine Wood. Research on the type of wood you want to have for your house and see how it looks in actual if it is the color and texture you want for your house.

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It’s important to purchase your wholesale flooring from a reliable dealer who will deliver for you, offer you advice and help you install. They should be fair in price and give discounts for wholesale purchases. A good dealer should also have a wider selection for you to choose and should have in-depth knowledge about all the types. The last thing you should look for when looking for a wholesale flooring dealer is specialty; they should be floor dealers only and not a mixed hardware store. This ensures there is good customer service, reliability and good prices.

Easy Care Techniques for Brazilian Walnut Flooring

Hardwood used for flooring purposes can be of different varieties like Brazilian walnut flooring, rosewood flooring or teak floors. If you want to keep the natural elegance of your indoors intact, you need to take a good care for the floors. In this article, you will learn how to take care of your indoor walnut flooring and keep it as shiny as new one for a long time. In order to keep your floors clean, you need a doormat, a broom, a powerful vacuum cleaner, a few paper towels, floor wax and a buffer. Make sure that you have all these things ready in your home before proceeding to the next steps.

Learning about Your Flooring

This is the first and most crucial step in caring for your Brazilian walnut floor. By following these tips, you can be sure that your flooring will be taken care of accordingly:

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  • First, you need to know what type of floors you have in your home.

  • Sometimes, there are finishing materials on the floor like those offered by Wood Floors Plus.

  • Ask your Brazilian walnut flooring supplier about what type of wood and finishing option is used in your flooring.

  • There are a few types of woods and lamination materials that cannot tolerate floor wax or any other chemical cleaning process.

  • Do not take any risk by applying floor wax and cleaning chemicals newly installed floors. Ask your flooring expert about his suggestion and then follow his guidance.

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Prevention is Always a Better Choice

It is wise to think the other way round. Apart from cleaning your Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring regularly, you should try to keep it clean by placing a mat on your front door. Guests will come, rub their dirty shoes on the mat and then they will enter your home. This way, your floor will be free from chunky mud and dust particles. This is a great idea to keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny. When it’s not dirty, you need less maintenance time and you can utilize the saved time in other household tasks.

Sweep It Off Quickly

You may not like to use your vacuum cleaner more often because it sounds weird. You can avoid using the machine by placing a sweep stick nearby the Brazilian walnut engineered flooring. Whenever you spot dirt or marks in the floor, give off a quick sweep and you are done. However, you can’t do it when guests are standing in front of you. They can feel offended. Therefore, it is better to go for a once in a day vacuum cleaning job for your Brazilian walnut laminate flooring.

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Extra Care Techniques

Anything extra is beneficial, so they say. That being said, this guide has compiled additional caring tips to ensure that your floor is 100% maintained and these are the following:

  • You should not avoid frequent stains and common spills on the Brazilian walnut flooring. You can clean is up by using a wet paper towel.

  • In order to give a nice finishing to your floor cleaning job, you can apply any floor wax, preferably light in composition, to the floor with no urethane finish.

prefinished brazilian walnut hardwood flooring

  • After applying floor wax, stay careful, as wax makes your floor clipper. You can wear slippers with nice rubber grip on the floor.

  • Take a buffer and remove any remaining marks and dullness on the floor. If you do not have a buffer in your home, you can take it in rent. There are some home improvement shops that offer buffers on easy rentals.


There are virtually countless ways of caring for your Brazilian walnut floor. Select the best method that’s convenient for you from the list given above.

Choosing the Right Cheap Flooring

 When building new homes or renovating, homeowners are faced with the challenge of finding cheap flooring. This is due to the high number of flooring materials to select from, and the fact that other expenses have to be taken care of as well in the installation. One of the affordable options available to homeowners is wood flooring. The following is a look at the benefits of this option.

Types of Wood Floors 

Wood flooring is available in several types. This is advantageous to homeowners because they can select a type that can offer cheap flooring.

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  • Solid hardwood floor is sourced from a single piece of timber. This means that the planks are sawn off logs with no additives involved in the process. It is possible to find cheap flooring when a homeowner selects them because they are available in pre-finished and unfinished. The former option can be used immediately after installation, making it cheaper, while the latter option requires staining and sanding before use. Cheap hardwood flooring is an excellent selection for homeowners because of durability and ease of maintenance. Hardwood flooring is affordable because it can be sanded several times to restore it to its original state, which eliminates the need for constant replacement.

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  • Engineered wood floors are produced from a combination of finish wood and plywood. The visible part of the wood is the finish wood while underneath is the plywood, which comprises of over 80 percent of the flooring material. The greatest advantage of engineered wood floors is that they can be used in areas of a home that are slightly moist such the bathroom. This eliminates the need of spending additional funds in such surfaces. Laminate wood flooring consists of resin-infused paper that is placed on top of wood laminate. They are basically simulation of wood floors because their top layers are wood photographs. Their greatest advantage is the fact that they are waterproof, easy to install and scratch resistant. This means that they are durable and do not involve a lot of installation costs, which makes them ideal cheap wood flooring options.

Cost of Installation, Repair and Maintenance 

When compared to other flooring options like carpets, wood floors are cheaper options because damaged sections can be repaired easily. They do not require professional cleaning because vacuuming and mopping are enough to eliminate all particles on their surface. There are wood floor creams and waxes that polish these floors and make it look finished all the time. Spills and Scratches are easily removed using floor solutions that protect the integrity of the surface as well as maintain its shine and luster. When applied in a regular basis, you will be guaranteed of a long term shine of your wood floring.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Cheap flooring that is made of wood is very beautiful when compared to its alternatives. This is because homeowners can select styles and patterns that suit their personality in order to maximize the effects they intend to achieve in their homes. The installation of wood floors adds value to homeowner’s property in case they intend to sell their homes.

benefits of using cheap hardwood flooring

The selection of wood floors is an ideal decision for homeowners because it is affordable. It is important that care is exercised in the buying them in order to get their full benefits. It is also necessary to get the floors installed by professionals such as wood floors plus in order to get cheap flooring that is of high quality. When maintained properly, wood floors can shine and remain luster through the years. Choosing more economical products of wood materials doesn’t mean you get less quality of it. Sometimes, the secret to beautiful wood floors is in the day to day care and restoration. This way you have bargained from buying more affordable types and have bargained from professional restoration services in the long run.

The Wooden Floors Advantage

For those of you who are thinking about installing wooden floors, you can enjoy the many benefits that come with these types of floors. For starters, this type of flooring is easy to clean and maintain because stains and dirt does not stick to it. You can easily clean and polish this type of floor. Unlike a carpet, which can fade color after some time, wooden flooring remains the same color even with the passage of time. In addition, if you have allergies, such a floor cannot harbor stuff that could aggravate your allergies like a carpet can.

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You Can Get Unique Natural Patterns

Another benefit of dark wooden floors is that you will not be limited to a particular color because they are available in unique natural patterns. Two hardwood floors are not going to look exactly alike, and you can find a flooring solution that can complement your décor. If you become tired with the color, all you need to do is to sand and then refinish the floor to achieve a new look. This kind of floor is strong and tough, and even if something heavy is dropped on it, you need not worry about it being scratched or dented.

This a chance for you to avoid the harder surface of stones and cement and still get the unique artistic look of a floor. Your floor no longer needs to be plain and solid, almost lifeless to some extent. It can reach out to the rest of the furniture in the room and making a great harmony for the overall improvement of a room’s interior theme.

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It Will Increase the Value of Your Home

The value of a home will increase if you decide to install wooden floors. Good quality wood floors plus can last for many years, providing you with a return on investment. As time goes by, this type of floor actually looks better. This floor is hygienic, and you will not need to worry about unpleasant odors if anything spills on the floor because you can quickly wipe it clean. Under floor heating can be installed if you have such a floor, providing you with an efficient way of heating up your home.

You will notice that most of the selling point of any property is their flooring. If you maintain the beauty of your floor, you will ultimately increase its reselling value in the event that you need to transfer to a new place. You will also feel comfortable and proud of owning a welcoming place for friends. You will receive praises and cheers from people who admire the classic beauty of a wood finished flooring.

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Wood Has Got A Timeless Appeal

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of wooden floors is their timeless appeal. Carpets, linoleum and tiles can go out of fashion. Think about what was there in the 70s. The appeal of such floors has lasted for centuries and this is not going to change any time soon. In fact, the popularity of wood has increased in the recent past. The cost of painted wooden floors has gone down because of modern production methods used in producing them cheaply. This means that such flooring can fit any budget. The feel and warmth of this kind of floor is unrivalled, unlike tile and stone floors.

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Even though wooden floors can cost a bit more initially, they will prove to be economical because of the benefits that have been outlined. You also need to think about the health of your family, your time as well as the added beauty in your home. Your home can have it’s value increased if you install white wooden floors. You can have a unique floor because you are not limited to specific colors and shades. With proper maintenance, the advantages of such floors are abundant and pay of for a lifetime.

Selecting Kitchen Flooring

There are many factors to consider while selecting kitchen flooring. Kitchen is one room in the house where a lot of heat, air, and moisture exist along with natural ingredients, effectively creating a right environment for insects, fungus, and microbes. It is also a place where food, acidic or alkaline, can fall on the floor and floor may react with such food stuff. Even the cleaning fluids can be spilt on floor, and there may be problems of corrosion, and cracks, which can be colonized by microorganisms. Any water on kitchen’s floor may lead to it expanding, or people in the kitchen falling. Heavy equipment or hot vessels can fall on kitchen’s floor. Such accidents should not damage kitchen flooring. Since fire is inseparable part of kitchen, such flooring should at least not be highly inflammable. Best flooring for kitchen, therefore, is one that has none of these drawbacks. In addition, it blends with the décor all around, including other rooms. Cost factor also influences such flooring selection.

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Kitchen flooring options

There are several types of flooring that can be used in kitchens. Each one of them, however, has some advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of kitchen. The list of such flooring options for kitchen includes

  • Kitchen tile flooring

Kitchen tile flooring includes ceramic, cork, vinyl, linoleum, and porcelain tiles. Ceramic and porcelain varieties are rather hard, but tend to chip and crack. Cork flooring in kitchen is warm and cushiony in nature. It is resistant to mildews, allergens, and dents like the linoleum flooring. Vinyl floorings though available in innumerable colors, tend to tear easily. Porcelain floorings are perhaps the best of the lot.

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  • Laminate

This resembles wooden kitchen flooring and is easy to install. Such flooring materials are available in wide range of colors. These are also fairly hard, and do not dent or develop scratches easily. These floorings are also stain resistant.

  • Wood

There are both hardwood and engineered wood tiles available for kitchen’s flooring.

These are warm at feet. Another drawback with wooden floorings is their joints. These let infectious bacteria and dust reside in them. Cracks rarely develop on such flooring, but these may develop stains of acids and even water. Maintenance is a problem with such flooring.

Emperor Black Gum Engineered wood floor plus

  • Bamboo

One of the major disadvantages of Bamboo floorings for kitchens is the fact that these are available in very few colors. However, the light golden colored flooring adds substantially to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. It also keeps dampness out.

  • Concrete

This is ideal for many purposes, though it does crack and chip. It also gets stained easily but can be painted as needed for the kitchen. Such floors in kitchens require annual resealing.

  • Natural stone

This category of flooring material for kitchens also includes a wide range of options such as sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, and slate. The worst amongst these are limestone, and marble, because marble tends to react with acids and is in general prone to cracks. There is a variety of marble called tumbled marble. This is comparatively much harder.

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Kitchen flooring costs

Costs of flooring for kitchen differ as per the variety selected, and sizes of tiles or planks. For example, concrete flooring for kitchen may cost around $13 per square foot, whereas natural stones such as harder marbles, if used in kitchens may cost almost $30 per square foot. There are lower end natural stone options which would cost merely $10 for every square foot. Bamboo floors for kitchen can be bought for anything in the range of $7 and $10. Cheapest flooring for kitchens would be vinyl and ceramic tiles. Prices of these floorings start at $2 per square foot and may go as high as $20 per square foot. Comparatively, laminate floorings are sold by companies such as wood floors plus for anywhere between $4 and $10 for each square foot.

In contemporary world, there is a wider choice of flooring materials for kitchens. Price and looks, however, should not be the only factors considered while selecting flooring for kitchen, because wrong selection can have adverse effects on the family’s health.

Carpet Flooring Tips and Advantages

The latest carpet flooring concepts have been fabricated to have a soft feel but still remain tough and durable. They are ideal for family homes and in work out areas as they create a warm and inviting appeal. It is practical to prefer custom home gym flooring over carpet furnishing.

Carpet blend flooring is comfortable to touch and will absorb any impact from the gym equipment that can damage the original floor. This is the reason why most homeowners and establishment owners prefer this type of flooring over the others, not to mention other notable advantages that greatly contributed in making it a practical and convenient choice.

diy carpet flooring installation

Carpet flooring themes and designs

A low pile carpet floor option is suitable for the work out area as it is coarse and is able to provide a firm foundation grip. Carpet tiles are ultra convenient, workable and easy to install. Ideal carpet and flooring designs give the user a variety of picks and offerings. No matter what your preference is, you will surely find a design that can absolutely match your needs and demands.

Many themes can be created using various blends of patterning and fiber. These can also be custom-made to compliment any home decor or interior design. Fluffy types sit well during wintry times to retain warmth. Medium grain is an all weather alternative that usable in many rooms in the house. Color codes are perfect to accentuate other home furnishings as well as the wall coats.

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Mix and match additions can be used to bring out the unique points of any home. A well accomplished design scheme gives the site its own personality and visual appeal. Carpet flooring can be used to develop artistic flair that will be useful in future interior decoration projects. You are able to showcase your artistic side without having to spend a lot.

Steps for carpet flooring installation

  • Ensure that the sub floor is completely level and clean.

  • Sand off any debris and tiny obstacles to get a proper surface to work on. Vacuum the area to remove any dirt particles.

  • Install the backer board on the site area using a drill and medium screws. Cement floors can be prepared by adding a film mixing attachment on the target surface. Use a trowel to even out any lumps. The project should be left to cure for a couple of hours.

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  • Fit tack strips around the edges of the site. These provide a seal around the work area that adjusts for any construction margins.

  • Custom tiles for obstacle courses and fixed fittings.

  • Apply bond adhesive on the sub floor and lay the individual carpet tiles. Press them firmly onto the surface until they are set.

Intricate carpet flooring assignments can be outsourced to professional contractors to guarantee quality grade outcomes. Proper evaluation exercises help to proper plan and reduce renovation costs significantly. Sourcing most of your supplies from wood floors plus stockists is a sure way to make incredible budget savings as well as other in-store promotions.

best home gym flooring over carpet

Customer support is excellent so as to make the entire experience a pleasant undertaking. Installation kits are backed by easy to follow instructions to counter and troubleshoot any hiccups that may arise on site.

Safety tips and precautions

Have the right work overalls, safety overalls and other safety gear so as to minimize any incidents. It is also advisable to work in small areas first and move into larger fields gradually. This makes the entire task manageable and less strenuous. Take frequent breaks off the project so as to refresh your energies. This enhances productivity during operations and creates safer working conditions.

Vinyl Flooring Alternatives For Home Decoration

Smart home renovation projects are quickly taking up vinyl plank flooring plans. These are able to withstand wear that occurs from frequent stamping and still retain their sheen. Having manageable price points has made them a great bargain buy that will save the user a ton of redecoration money.

Grades such as commercial vinyl plank flooring best suit areas that are regularly exposed to sunlight and moisture buildup. The planks are hardy for they are engineered in adhesive to give them remarkable longevity. They can better handle constant stress without warping or chipping away. Installing them at home is a good home investment for it will be enjoyed for many years.

waterproof vinyl plank flooring review

Installation Guide for Vinyl Flooring

  • Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is suitable to install in areas prone to wetness such as the basement and kitchen floors. Its bonding structure allows the plank to repel water and rot. This allows it to be installed in many locations in the home.

  • The best vinyl plank flooring installation guides have great user interface with clear instructions and aids. This greatly assists the client in setting up a hassle free operation to get the most optimal outcomes. A complete supplies purchase comes with user supporting literature and warranty details. These should be perused carefully and stored for future references.

best vinyl plank flooring

  • Planning for vinyl plank flooring installation involves getting an estimate of the cost of materials needed for the project.

  • Having the right worker tools and safety equipment are needed to ensure a smooth flow of operations. Quick maneuvering takes up little time to bring the task into completion and should be prioritized.

  • The amount of square feet determines the units of vinyl plank flooring required. It is sensible to purchase extra board units to allow for user and margin errors.

Caring for vinyl plank flooring

Regular refinishing will keep the flooring neat and tidy. The tune up service is easy to follow and takes a short while to complete.

best commercial vinyl plank flooring


· Ready the tune up kit and agents.

· Clear the targeted area of any movable furnishings and use safety bags to cover the fixtures.

· Sand the plank floors using grit sandpaper and vacuum the debris. Repeat this exercise so as to cover the entire area. Overlapping increases the chance of completely covering the whole area without leaving grey zones.

· Apply a coat of stain and re-apply if need be. Layered coats give a darker finish.

Lightly brush a film of sealant to keep off the moisture and kindle gloss.

Safety considerations during maintenance

  • Ensure that all electrical outlets are covered with tape for safety considerations. 

  • Service personnel should always wear the protective overalls and other safety gear to ensure that the assignments are performed in safe environments.

best vinyl plank flooring review

Consulting woods floors plus experts gives the client valuable resources that greatly aid any flooring projects. Advice on new product listings and other relevant practices has the capacity of saving hundreds of dollars off the renovation plan. Specialized contractors are well equipped to handle projects of any scale. Large and complex assignments are best outsourced to them.

If you are in a tight budget but still want your house to look great with wood flooring, you can actually have vinyl flooring alternative. It is cheaper and easier to install and will not cost as much as real hardwood flooring. The maintenance is also easy to do and it will give your house a whole new look especially when you opt for designs that resemble closely to wood flooring. You must have a plan and estimate on how many vinyl planks you will need for the entire house or room. Check out more options in the internet and house depot shops for you to compare the latest designs and flooring technology.

What are the Different Types of Floorings?

One of the main components that influence the look of your house is types of flooring you use. If you want to use the house for yourself then you can enhance its appeal by using some of the best floorings available. In addition, even if you do not want to live there or resale it, you can change the floorings to enhance its resale value. Since good floorings give a distinct personality and appeal to a home you should always give it prime preference when you are thinking of doing the interior of your home. Some of the different floorings are as follows:

Hardwood flooring

From ancient times, different types of wood flooring are used to protect the floor of the construction from insects and dirt. These hardwood floorings are solid and look naturally beautiful. They are highly durable and have been used in the construction of royal homes and big buildings for centuries. These are considered to be timeless investment and provide lifetime value and beauty to your home. The most popular woods used for floorings include

all types of tile flooring

· Oak,

· Cherry,

· Pecan,

· Maple,

· Beech

· Hickory

· Walnut

· Birch

· Pine

Wood floors plus is a great place to buy different types of hardwood flooring.

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Laminate flooring 

Currently, different types of laminate flooring are very much popular in America. This type of flooring first started in Europe and now it is being used all over the world. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it is comparatively cheaper than the hardwood floorings and very easy on maintenance. This type of flooring is resistant to scratches, burns, chipping and usually wonderful for areas that receives high footfalls regularly.

Bamboo Flooring

This is a new entry in the section of different types of flooring and is usually picked up because it is more environmental friendly as compared to the hardwood floors. Moreover, it is a type of grass rather than wood. Bamboo floorings are highly versatile, elegant and durable. They come with natural color variations that are a unique feature of all the bamboos. Mostly the color shades of bamboo range from light tan to honey brown as they are formed due to carbonization.

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the waterproof floorings that can be easily used as counter tops, and as floor tiles indoor and outdoor. Different types of tile flooring come with various shades of color and designs and finishing. Generally, the glossy tiles are used for countertops and the unglazed ones for the floorings. Unglazed finished ceramic tiles are used for the outdoor floorings because there is always a possibility that water may remain in standing condition for long time during the rainy season. That is why you can also see these types of tiles used in bathroom and showers. Some of the finishes that are found in ceramic tiles include:

· Glazed

· Textured

· Matte

· Embossed

all types of wood flooring

These prominent types of flooring are currently in vogue. Some other types include linoleum floorings, marble floors, vinyl floors and more. So, the next time you choose the floorings for your home, go through all the varieties and select the one that suites your interior and budget.

The availability of different flooring types gives you an advantage of designing your floors according to your whims. You can choose a uniform floor all throughout the entire house or you can have each room has its own set of flooring. Depending on how much are you willing to spend on your floor, different types can also mean different prices. But overall, investing in a good home will give you peace of mind in the long run. Remember that you are going to spend a lot more time in your house and if you are a family man or you plan to raise a family, a good house is definitely what you need. You will fill the house with good memories of you and your family as time goes by.

How to Get the Best from Quick Step Flooring

To get the very best from your quick step flooring, there are a lot of things you will need to consider. Color is the main determinant feature of the mood of your interior. This is why you need to ensure that you have chosen the right combination of colors. There is a great relationship between color, space and light. The floor, wall and ceiling color have a great impact insofar as your experience of the space is concerned. If you use these elements correctly, it is possible to make your room appear smaller, larger, narrower, wider, lighter, warmer higher or deeper.

The most important thing to consider when picking the quick step flooring color is the expected end result as well as the colors of other elements in a room. The result you will get from this combination is greater than the total sum of individual elements. Your entire space has a new identity. Since each of your rooms is different, they require being approached differently.

best quick step flooring

General Tips

Here are some general choosing guidelines that you can use in flooring selection:

  • Which is the better color between pale and dark?
  • Pale floors – In case you happen to have dark colors that you wish to brighten up, your best option is to select pale quick step flooring. This not only makes your room lighter but also enlarges it optically. With pale colors, you send a message of purity and tranquility, which in turn makes the room timeless. It is possible to create a sober effect especially when you combine it with your wall’s cool colors.

great high quality wood floors plus

  • Dark floors – The best place to begin the contrast is with dark floors. They are able to combine well with walls that are light in color or those that have other dull colors used for accessories or highlighting. It is advisable to desist from using harsh white but rather, a shade of it like white with dash or off-white. To make things a bit livelier, add bright accessories in the room.
  • Create a spacious effect with clever use of color

To create a spacious impact, you need to combine a pale and a sober floor with walls that are light. Your room will seem larger if you use colors that are lighter and cooler. On the other hand, using warm and dark colors make the room appear cozier and smaller.
In quick step laminate flooring, you have the option of choosing between V-grooves located on the longer sides or on both sides (long and short). Floors that have v-groves on their longer sides are recommended for someone who wants to optically expand a room. To emphasize effects, place v-grooves in the light’s direction.

best quick step laminate flooring

The quick step elegance flooring is the best option for optically enlarging the room. They have narrow planks that come in three different measurements. This way, you will be able to come up with more spacious feeling compared to if you had used wider planks which have only one length. When skirting contains the same color like that of the floor, a room will appear to smaller.

  • Mixing furniture and floor colors

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  • It is important to ensure that the floor’s color is either two shades lighter or even darker than the color of furniture. You can only use those supplied by Wood Floors Plus and furniture of the same color if you have a carpet that contrasts between the two. To get the best out of these types of flooring, it is important to regularly read quick step flooring reviews.


Those were the basic but noteworthy tips that you can use in choosing quick step flooring. Take this guide with you when selecting and definitely, the end result will be a blast.