A Quick and Easy Guide to Wood Flooring with Wood Floors Plus

Wooden floors are highly patronized, most especially for commercial use, due to its appealing look. Not only that, they are highly cost efficient because they don’t really cost as much as concrete flooring. Wood floors plus has a wide array of solutions that are highly suitable for any kind of commercial set up, making it the number one choice when it comes to building constructions and set up.

flooring services by wood floors plus

Wooden flooring is actually good for all kinds of establishments, may it be a shop, a gallery, museum or even your own personal room, it provides you the perfect solution to all those flooring needs. Wood floors are the ideal choice if you want to do away with the challenges that floors usually face like moisture, temperature fluctuation, and climate change.  It can easily deal with such issues without any interventions at all.

Furnishing and installing cheap wood flooring

To ensure that you get the best out of wooden floors, you should be mindful when choosing and buying them.  Yes, without a doubt, wood floors plus is good but only if you ensure that you’re getting the best out of its class in terms of quality and make. So how do you determine the perfect wood floor for your office or home need? Read on.

1.)    Check for any damages

Scratches or even worn out seal may indicated that the wood floor is damaged at some extent.  This may require a restorative process, which may add to the expenses on your end. The repair cost may be more than what you’ve paid for the wooden floor, so be mindful for any damages.

advantage of using hard wood floors

2.)    Pre installation preparation

See to it that the dirt is removed before it is put in place.  This can be done by sweeping its surface for dust or dirt.  For dirt that are ingrained and other types of dirt contaminating the wood, a degreaser and/or a wood cleanser could easily remove them.

3.)    Smooth and flawless finish with wood sanding

Wood sanding paper can make your wood floor look shiny and elegant. Progressively use it until your desired finish (smoothness) is achieved.  However though, for a more advanced wood sanding solution, there are ground breaking equipments made by professionals; it is called the dust extraction system. It helps get rid of dusts that came about due to cleaning and treatment of the wood.  This process can be done discreetly, making your day to day operation unaffected (for businesses). In return, your employees can carry out their work without any interruption.

4.)    Finishing touches

The final step to completely furnish your wooden floors is to stain, seal and polish it with a range a wood polishing and staining materials available in the market today.  Achieve the looks on your wooden floor by carefully choosing the type of wood stain and polishing that would suit your preference. On top of that, it is important to seal your wooden floor with multiple layers of sealing agent, to withstand heavy duty environment and to be protected from damages brought about by harmful chemicals and UV rays. By doing these, your wood floors will be protected from wear and tear and/or foot traffic in the future.

After preparing your wooden floor for its installation, it’s finally time to set it where it’s supposed to go.  Installation of wooden floor is fairly easy, however, it is essential to have the know-how and some basic knowledge about the tools that are necessary to install it. These tools include the following:

  • Circular saw
  • A block of wood
  • Utility knife
  • A pry bar
  • A fan
  • Vacuum

Also, don’t forget to wear protection for your eyes and ears. Some small piece of these equipments may inflict damage to them as you work on the installation.

materials used for cheap wood flooring

How to install your wood flooring

  1. For starters, get the wood floors plus that you have chosen. For laminated flooring, it is necessary to use a glue to lock them together.  Keep in mind that a wood floor that needs to be glued entails more work on your end.  Whatever type it is though, you are sure to have hard wood floors set in place with this type of flooring.
  2. Now, see to it that the ground or floor where you will be attaching the wood flooring is smooth and is at level.  If the base is rough or bumpy, your flooring will be shaking and it could easily be broken. There is a huge chance that your wooden floor would flex when placed on slopes which are extremely uneven.
  3. Cut the pieces of the wood flooring to ensure that it fits the end of most rows. For door frames, it is also a must to cut these wood floorings to accommodate the space that the door needs. So, see to it that you saw is sharpened well, so that that the wood floorings will be free from chipping.
  4. For ends which require complex cutting such as those for the doors or frames, it would be easier to make use of an outline. A stiff cardboard could serve as good outlining equipment or a template for those hard to shape ends. This is a good way to save your wood floorings and make use of the cut pieces somewhere needing more flooring pieces. 
  5. To see to it that the wood flooring fits perfect all the way to the edges, make sure that you allow some space for end pieces. That way, you can easily cut one piece after you get an accurate measurement of the end part that goes to the edge.  Not only will this save you your wood, it will make things a whole lot easier for you as well.

(Same procedure applies to floating wood floor, only that they are a lot easier to install. You just need to glue them after you’ve calculated its size and shape to fit your entire floor.)

installation of floating wood floor

Professional flooring services

Well, it doesn’t really take a genius to install wood flooring into your home or office. The labor required for this is very simple, actually. However, if you really think you are not proficient enough to install these wood floorings or you’re afraid that you might cause damage or not install it properly, by all means you can actually hire someone to do it for you. Hiring professionals would actually help you do away with all these procedures and its inevitable problem.

Why go for wood flooring

There are even cheap woods flooring options that are actually capable of vibrating a classic and elegant feel to the surroundings. Its simplicity is indeed a beauty. Once it’s furnished to perfection, not only would it radiate a pleasant vibe to your surroundings, but it becomes easier to maintain and clean. Also, it is the ultimate choice for individuals who have allergic attacks to dust and other materials that have similar effects to the body.

It’s all natural, pleasant and non-hazardous, on top of being economical and cost efficient. These reasons make it a great option for both commercial and home use. If you’re planning to reinvent your home and kick it off by renovating your floorings, choosing wood floors plus would be the perfect way to start it out. It can complement pretty much everything in your house and it is easy to install.