Wood Floors In Kitchen – A Helpful Overview

Wood floors in kitchen plans are a proper interior decoration alternative to tiles. Kitchens are high traffic areas that expose the floor to regular stamping. A suitable hardwood plan is able to bear this load and other sudden impacts well. The kitchen is not only a place where you prepare your food. It is also a great place to invest to add more value to your house.

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Other Benefits

There are different options for your kitchen flooring materials, however, most homeowner would immediately decide to go for wood for these reasons;

  • They provide a good blend with the wooden cabinets to provide a seamless harmonious look.

  • The surfaces have a better grip and this offers safety against slipping and other incidents.

  • A natural aesthetic is created that sits well with the surrounding outdoor environment.

Quality of wood floors in kitchen installation depends on the tree species chosen and the grain outlay. Dark floor inspired surfaces can be achieved by selecting a suitable hardwood species like maple.

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How to Install Dark Wood Floors in Kitchen Arrangements

Many design outlays can be executed on wood floors in kitchen redecoration schemes. Be careful with the installation to avoid unnecessary repairs or total makeover in the end.

Standard installation overview:

  • Calculate the targeted space area in square feet so as to determine the amount of boarding required. Extra board units should be purchased to allow for margin errors and extra works.

  • Source the materials needed for the assignment, the right tools and safety gear.

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  • Ensure that the sub floor is clean and even. Apply a layer of adhesive using a trowel. Fit the individual boards one at a time and press them down until they are well bonded.

  • Custom some of the boards to allow for breaks and obstacle courses.

Hardwood floors in kitchen spaces need to be properly maintained so as to extend their longevity and curb regular tune up costs.


Proper maintenance is the key for a long lasting kitchen flooring. The quality and durability of any kitchen floor is only as good as the owner who takes care of it. Here are some important tips to remember for kitchen flooring maintenance;

  • Any spills are bets wiped off immediately to prevent staining.

  • Acrylic finishes are durable and worthwhile option. The initial coat charge is pricier but a single service can last for many years.

  • The sheen can be regulated with proper waxing servicing. High gloss surfaces are generally require more frequent tune ups for they reveal more dirt build up than medium sheens.

  • Wooden floor edges usually hide debris. Any renovation should aim in as much as possible to minimize this margin space.

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Properly installed wood floors in the kitchen give the home a well-dressed appearance concept. Expertise support offers the best possible outcomes.

Wood floors plus contractors have a comprehensive array of product offerings in their showrooms. The hardwood units are acrylic-infused to extend their lifespan. It is advisable to go over as many designs as possible so as to pin down the most suitable choice for the kitchen’s specific requirements.