Useful Facts about Wood Flooring Types

Nowadays, you can have various wood flooring types in any place in your business or home. However, the type that you can use will largely depend on the place in which you prefer to put it.

Ways of Categorizing Wood Flooring Types

The different types of wood flooring that are available can be categorized in many ways. You can use the type of material, floor layout, and material form to group these floors. These classes are the major ones in which you can categorize them. The punishment level that you expect your floor to receive during its lifetime and the traffic will largely determine the most appropriate type of flooring for your home.

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When you want to classify flooring wood types depending on the wood material, the most popular are oak, walnut, and maple. You can also use other hardwood types as flooring. In addition, you can use teak as well as other exotic types as flooring material. You can also include pinewood under this category even though it is technically softwood.

You can also classify wood flooring types depending on the form of the material that is used. The types include engineered, acrylic-impregnated, and solid wood. To narrow down your choices, this article has created a rundown of the most common flooring types that belong to the wood category. And the list goes right down below.

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Wood Based Flooring Types

  • Factory Finished and Unfinished wood flooring

    A finish, which is a protective coat for sealing your floor in order to prevent every day wear, is necessary for all wood floors plus. You can purchase factory-finished flooring, where the manufacturer has applied the finish. Just like unfinished wood flooring, this flooring type is nowadays widely available. The finishing and sanding process of these floors has already taken place and hence, the time that is required to install them is less. You can walk on these floors immediately after they are installed.

Unfinished wood flooring is also available for you to buy and your installer will apply the finish at the site where he does the job after sanding the wood. Many finish options are available and you can learn more about them before making a choice. You may meet your needs better by using this option if you want to match your existing flooring or a specific color.

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  • Engineered, Acrylic-Impregnated and Solid Wood Flooring

    Layers of thin hardwood pieces are used to make engineered flooring. This type of material is a perfect option for floor conditions that require support for more weight and force because of the crisscross layering.

The acrylic-impregnated wood flooring combines solid timber and acrylic. This combination gives a floor material that is durable owing to its ability to withstand extremely heavy human traffic.

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The name solid wood flooring implies exactly that: a piece of wood that is solid from bottom to top. There can be variations in the thickness of this type of flooring but it is generally 5/16 inch. One of its many benefits is that you can sand and refinish it many times. You can install solid wood flooring on grade or above.


There may be other flooring types available in the market; but currently, these are the choices that most homeowners are using in their own homes. While all of them are feasible choices, the best alternative will still depend on your personal preferences on type of wood used, budget, color, design, and other relative features. Choose accordingly today to give your home a one-of-a-kind makeover it deserves. To start off, you should determine the types of wood flooring that meet your needs effectively or suit your lifestyle by talking to your retailer or installer.