Wholesale Flooring Insight

In today’s world people don’t put carpets on the floor for decor, instead they do install beautiful wholesale flooring in the whole house and it looks fabulous. A classy well maintained floor is very beautiful and it makes the cleaning work easy. Floors also retain dust or mold if not cleaned regularly. Wholesale wood flooring is safe for people who are allergic to dust and fur and they are good for pets because you can clean immediately if they shed fur or soil.

Wholesale flooring is economical because it’s done by the same constructor once and they give you discount for the material and the labor since it’s a lot of purchase and work. It also helps the full house to match and look elegant. Before you estimate the cost of your installation consider the price of the material per foot, labor cost, price of moving furniture, demolition cost, delivery charges and sub-floor preparation.

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Types of Wholesale Flooring

There are many types of flooring but this article will only focus on two; hardwood and laminate.

  • Wholesale hardwood flooring

Most people go with wholesale hardwood flooring because it has a warm color and natural beauty. It’s also very easy to refinish, durable and not very costly. Hardwood is available in walnut, teak, oak, pecan and maple. Maple is medium brown and the least expensive while walnut is dark brown and the most expensive. The success of hardwood flooring depends on how it’s installed and how you take care of it; hardwood must be sanded and vanished every now and then. It can be bought finished or unfinished depending on your needs but you should buy a few extra pieces in case of anything. They are installed with a pad beneath to protect moisture and noise penetration. A store like Wood Floors Plus will offer you the best advice regarding hardwood.

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  • Wholesale laminate flooring

Wholesale laminate flooring is becoming very popular among the middle class. It’s made by infusing synthetic or plastic to look like wood or stone. It’s cheap to buy and install and is available in 5 colors. The best thing about laminate however is that laminate is scratch and fade resistance so it’s the best flooring for high traffic house areas. The downside of laminate is that once it’s damaged it can’t be repaired it must be removed and it’s really noisy. That said, it’s the best flooring to install by yourself because it locks mechanically and it doesn’t touch the sub-floor. It’s easy to clean and can last for very many years.

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Tips in choosing the right flooring for your house

  • Most flooring are made of wood but because of the different kinds of wood used to make these floorings, there are also different hues and texture and patterns. Red wood has different appearance than Oak and Pine Wood. Research on the type of wood you want to have for your house and see how it looks in actual if it is the color and texture you want for your house.

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It’s important to purchase your wholesale flooring from a reliable dealer who will deliver for you, offer you advice and help you install. They should be fair in price and give discounts for wholesale purchases. A good dealer should also have a wider selection for you to choose and should have in-depth knowledge about all the types. The last thing you should look for when looking for a wholesale flooring dealer is specialty; they should be floor dealers only and not a mixed hardware store. This ensures there is good customer service, reliability and good prices.