How to Get the Best from Quick Step Flooring

To get the very best from your quick step flooring, there are a lot of things you will need to consider. Color is the main determinant feature of the mood of your interior. This is why you need to ensure that you have chosen the right combination of colors. There is a great relationship between color, space and light. The floor, wall and ceiling color have a great impact insofar as your experience of the space is concerned. If you use these elements correctly, it is possible to make your room appear smaller, larger, narrower, wider, lighter, warmer higher or deeper.

The most important thing to consider when picking the quick step flooring color is the expected end result as well as the colors of other elements in a room. The result you will get from this combination is greater than the total sum of individual elements. Your entire space has a new identity. Since each of your rooms is different, they require being approached differently.

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General Tips

Here are some general choosing guidelines that you can use in flooring selection:

  • Which is the better color between pale and dark?
  • Pale floors – In case you happen to have dark colors that you wish to brighten up, your best option is to select pale quick step flooring. This not only makes your room lighter but also enlarges it optically. With pale colors, you send a message of purity and tranquility, which in turn makes the room timeless. It is possible to create a sober effect especially when you combine it with your wall’s cool colors.

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  • Dark floors – The best place to begin the contrast is with dark floors. They are able to combine well with walls that are light in color or those that have other dull colors used for accessories or highlighting. It is advisable to desist from using harsh white but rather, a shade of it like white with dash or off-white. To make things a bit livelier, add bright accessories in the room.
  • Create a spacious effect with clever use of color

To create a spacious impact, you need to combine a pale and a sober floor with walls that are light. Your room will seem larger if you use colors that are lighter and cooler. On the other hand, using warm and dark colors make the room appear cozier and smaller.
In quick step laminate flooring, you have the option of choosing between V-grooves located on the longer sides or on both sides (long and short). Floors that have v-groves on their longer sides are recommended for someone who wants to optically expand a room. To emphasize effects, place v-grooves in the light’s direction.

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The quick step elegance flooring is the best option for optically enlarging the room. They have narrow planks that come in three different measurements. This way, you will be able to come up with more spacious feeling compared to if you had used wider planks which have only one length. When skirting contains the same color like that of the floor, a room will appear to smaller.

  • Mixing furniture and floor colors

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  • It is important to ensure that the floor’s color is either two shades lighter or even darker than the color of furniture. You can only use those supplied by Wood Floors Plus and furniture of the same color if you have a carpet that contrasts between the two. To get the best out of these types of flooring, it is important to regularly read quick step flooring reviews.


Those were the basic but noteworthy tips that you can use in choosing quick step flooring. Take this guide with you when selecting and definitely, the end result will be a blast.