What are the Different Types of Floorings?

One of the main components that influence the look of your house is types of flooring you use. If you want to use the house for yourself then you can enhance its appeal by using some of the best floorings available. In addition, even if you do not want to live there or resale it, you can change the floorings to enhance its resale value. Since good floorings give a distinct personality and appeal to a home you should always give it prime preference when you are thinking of doing the interior of your home. Some of the different floorings are as follows:

Hardwood flooring

From ancient times, different types of wood flooring are used to protect the floor of the construction from insects and dirt. These hardwood floorings are solid and look naturally beautiful. They are highly durable and have been used in the construction of royal homes and big buildings for centuries. These are considered to be timeless investment and provide lifetime value and beauty to your home. The most popular woods used for floorings include

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· Oak,

· Cherry,

· Pecan,

· Maple,

· Beech

· Hickory

· Walnut

· Birch

· Pine

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Laminate flooring 

Currently, different types of laminate flooring are very much popular in America. This type of flooring first started in Europe and now it is being used all over the world. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it is comparatively cheaper than the hardwood floorings and very easy on maintenance. This type of flooring is resistant to scratches, burns, chipping and usually wonderful for areas that receives high footfalls regularly.

Bamboo Flooring

This is a new entry in the section of different types of flooring and is usually picked up because it is more environmental friendly as compared to the hardwood floors. Moreover, it is a type of grass rather than wood. Bamboo floorings are highly versatile, elegant and durable. They come with natural color variations that are a unique feature of all the bamboos. Mostly the color shades of bamboo range from light tan to honey brown as they are formed due to carbonization.

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the waterproof floorings that can be easily used as counter tops, and as floor tiles indoor and outdoor. Different types of tile flooring come with various shades of color and designs and finishing. Generally, the glossy tiles are used for countertops and the unglazed ones for the floorings. Unglazed finished ceramic tiles are used for the outdoor floorings because there is always a possibility that water may remain in standing condition for long time during the rainy season. That is why you can also see these types of tiles used in bathroom and showers. Some of the finishes that are found in ceramic tiles include:

· Glazed

· Textured

· Matte

· Embossed

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These prominent types of flooring are currently in vogue. Some other types include linoleum floorings, marble floors, vinyl floors and more. So, the next time you choose the floorings for your home, go through all the varieties and select the one that suites your interior and budget.

The availability of different flooring types gives you an advantage of designing your floors according to your whims. You can choose a uniform floor all throughout the entire house or you can have each room has its own set of flooring. Depending on how much are you willing to spend on your floor, different types can also mean different prices. But overall, investing in a good home will give you peace of mind in the long run. Remember that you are going to spend a lot more time in your house and if you are a family man or you plan to raise a family, a good house is definitely what you need. You will fill the house with good memories of you and your family as time goes by.