Using Cheap Laminate Flooring in Modern Homes

Cheap laminate flooring is a special material made from a thin resin layer infused with wood chip composites. It looks similar to real wood but is more durable and scratch resistant. This product also has moisture retention properties and can be used in damp places like the bathroom. Nevertheless, homeowners cannot sand laminate floors and most of them are slippery to tread on. It’s therefore appropriate to lay up some foam beneath the layers to soften them; this can be done by installing laminate floors with a special glue or groove system. The substance can also be laid over a cemented surface for durability and more aesthetic appeal.

Users should be careful when buying cheap laminate wood flooring since some of them contain VOC chemicals. Though they are more affordable than other types of flooring, these products can lose their luster over time when not maintained regularly.

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Categories of laminate surface underlayment

There are various types of cheap wood laminate flooring, they can be differentiated based on factors like design, texture, color and sturdiness.

  • Ordinary foam underlayment. It’s widely considered as the most popular type of laminate surfacing, often applied in cases whereby laminate floors are installed over plywood sub-floors. Nevertheless, this material shouldn’t be used in places with high moisture levels since it doesn’t provide any reliable vapor barrier.
  • Blended foam underlayment. This version of cheap laminate flooring combines typical foam features with a decent moisture barrier layer to protect the fitting from rising mist during hot weather conditions. Though the cheap dark laminate flooring is more costly than typical foams, it’s usually more appropriate for concrete sub-floors and plywood surfaces.

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  • Cork underlayment. This unique material is popularly used in office floor installations, where reduction of sound levels is paramount. The brand boasts of organic anti-microbial property and can be used in leveling uneven surfaces that may be found between rooms.
  • Padded laminate floors. Nowadays one can get quality wood floors plus padding fitted into the material’s underside. With this set of material, homeowners don’t have to buy and fix a new foam underlayment. Moreover, in some situations users would be able to install the flooring directly above the sub-floor material, or even a vapor concealment seal.

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Maintenance tips

Keeping the shiny surface of your cheap laminate flooring clean can be tricky, especially because this material doesn’t react similarly to polishes and wood cleaners. Nevertheless, a regular routine of preventative washing and refined repairs would ensure the floor maintains its original form several years later. Remember to put a clean mat at the doorway to protect the floor from getting dirty faster. In addition, stick some small protective pads beneath chair legs or any other furniture that is regularly used. Frequently sweep the room to prevent dirt from accumulating and piling up.

best cheap laminate wood flooring

In the event that there are scratches or small gouges at the floor, visit a local hardware shop and purchase an efficient repair kit that matches well with the cheap laminate flooring style, this pack may include a waxy paste or repair stick to fill up and level out any scratches. Alternatively, a special crayon of similar color as the floor can be used to bring about same effects.

Knowing how to properly maintain and take care of your flooring is the key in ensuring that they stay well-polished, good looking and pleasing to the eyes at all times. Aside from doing these routines yourself, you can also refer to reliable contractors to do preventive repairs and maintenance every now and then. Doing so will help you further in making sure that your floor remains the same for several more years to come.