Expectations for Hardwood Flooring Prices

 If you have decided to use hardwood floors to upgrade your home, the types of hardwood floors and hardwood flooring prices are probably overwhelming you. A few years ago, people only chose from solid wood floor. However, nowadays, laminates and engineered wood floors are not only available in the flooring market but they are also taking it by storm. Although it is more difficult to select owing to the more options that are available, you can also get new wood floors at a lower cost because of the addition of laminates and engineered wood floors. Installation of these choices is also easier and hence, it is possible for you to save on the cost of installing them.

best hardwood flooring prices

Carpeting prices are similar to hardwood flooring prices. The cost that is printed is only for the material. You should factor in the underlayment cost, installation cost, and other details including transitions, moldings, and nails. The cost of solid wood floors ranges from $1.50 to $4.00 for every square foot while laminate hardwood flooring prices can be as low as $0.65. The cost varies greatly across stores and you can find wholesale and online deals if you decide to install the floors on your own.

What to consider when buying wood floors plus

The type of flooring that will best suit your home and the amount of flooring that you need should be the first questions that you should ask yourself when you are deciding to go for wood floors plus. Although many people agree that solid wood is the most beautiful, it is the most expensive. Homeowners usually prefer a maple or solid oak construction. However, solid wood floors have some drawbacks that need consideration especially because their cost is higher.

best engineered hardwood flooring prices

  • First, rooms that have full baths or below grade applications cannot install solid wood floors. Second, these floors are susceptible to moisture, easily dented and soft. You should reconsider if you have a busy home. Finally, installation of solid wood floors is very difficult and you need to hire a professional to do it. Labor is responsible for the increase in hardwood flooring prices. In fact, since plenty of physical labor is necessary for this kind of installation, some installers do not like to handle it.

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  • Second, if you want beautiful wood floors to benefit you greatly without bearing their high cost, you should consider engineered wood floors because engineered hardwood flooring prices are much lower. These floors have a veneered wood top and plywood center. Hence, they are different from real wood. Engineered wood does not only prevent the floor from shifting a lot by acclimating to its temperature in a better way but it is also more durable. Below grade applications can also install it because of this versatility. The best thing about engineered wood floors is that they are installed by using a groove and tongue installation. Hence, all pieces lock and snap together.

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  • Lastly, if you want a professional to install your flooring, the installation will cost much less since it is not difficult to do and the professional can carry it out in a day. However, most homeowners prefer to install it on their own, which helps in keeping the cost even lower. Just keep in mind that you will have to factor in the unfinished hardwood flooring prices and the cost of subflooring or a quality underlayment.

Buying the perfect wood flooring for your house should not that tough if you have set your budget and have done your research about it. There are many companies that offer affordable wood floor products at reasonable prices without sacrificing the quality of the materials. If you have set your goal in making your dream house with wood flooring, there is surely a best time for its completion and realization.