Bamboo Flooring – Eco-Friendly Flooring For Your Home

A bamboo flooring plan is an eco-friendly design option for your home. Bamboo grass is fast growing and thus is highly sustainable for extensive commercial use. It is far less sensitive to temperature changes hence can be used in almost any geographic location. It is light weight, sturdy and is available in many grains and hues to allow for design varieties. It’s about time that this economical flooring material should take the center stage and what better to start using them than at the comfort of your own home.

What To Expect From Floors Made Of Bamboo

Bamboo laminate flooring is fast becoming a popular flooring choice. It is highly water resistant and can withstand great amounts of pressure without warping. Stains do not seep into bamboo flooring plans making them convenient and easy to maintain. Installation is ideal for many locations in the house.

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Other advantages of laminate flooring;

  • It is firmly based hence creates little foot noise.

  • Production process involves use of bio-degradable resins and other bamboo waste fibers.

  • The process has minimal impact on the environment and is highly economical.

  • The floors are ready for use just after installation.

  • There are no delays in waiting the project to cure. Little disruption is experienced during the renovation assignment. It is highly ideal for redecoration of commercial sites.

  • Magnificent grains and finishes can be obtained with strand bamboo flooring designs. Strand technology involves setting the fibers in adhesive to create a stable plank material.

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It gives the floor a high density that makes it durable and hardy. Installing it is a worthwhile investment that is sure to stand the test of time. Many of the features of bamboo hardwood flooring are remarkably similar to real hardwood species. Its durability and capacity to withstand high load make it a favorite for many renovation works. Fading is likely to occur over time. This can be handled by sanding and applying a refinish coat uniformly over the planks.

Installation Overview

Installing bamboo flooring is a relatively manageable task that can be performed with the right set of tools and methods. Careful planning directs the project costs and the timelines needed to successfully complete the project;

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  • Calculate the area in square feet in order to determine the amount of flooring planks that will be required. Factor this figure with the area of an individual board to get a correct estimate.

  • Source the materials from suppliers and get the proper power tools and safety gear for the task.

  • Prepare the sub-floor by ensuring that it is level and clean.

  • Neatly mount the planks in an adhesive base applied on the sub-floor. Work with small areas at a time for finesse.

Proper Care

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Ensure that the site conditions meet the set installation standards so as to guarantee the best outcomes. Use the correct power tools and dust mask to prevent dust from entering your eyes or ears. Extensive renovation works are best handled by expertise support to yield good outcomes. Make sure the skilled professionals have a good reputation and highly recommended. If possible, be present when they do the maintenance work to guide them with specific instructions for your desired outcome.

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