A Bamboo Flooring Review

Bamboo flooring is very popular with interior designers since it is a contemporary, eco-friendly flooring option. There are a number of factors which you need to consider when buying bamboo flooring materials. You need to consider the size, style and color of the planks and the installation method. Bamboo flooring review – whether it is stranded bamboo flooring review or Golden Select bamboo flooring review – indicates that it is a relatively economical material and the cost per square foot depends on a number of characteristics. There is no standard grading system for rating the quality in bamboo materials and so you will need to get a well known dealer who will deliver high quality materials from trustworthy sources.

best stranded bamboo flooring review

Finding a Reputable Seller through Reviews

Many reputable dealers provide a warranty with every purchase of flooring material. A structural integrity warranty for bamboo flooring covers the material strength of the floor. You may also get a surface warranty for pre-finished flooring. High quality bamboo flooring comes with longer and more extensive warranty. The strength of bamboo flooring is measured relative to the hardwood flooring materials depending on various factors. Darker hues of bamboo are caused by carbonization which weakens the material. Opt for light colored bamboo flooring materials. Late or premature harvesting of bamboo results in a weaker material.

bamboo flooring review

Strand woven materials are the most durable bamboo flooring. They are made by shredding the stalk of bamboo and then reconstituting it into a block through use of pressure and adhesive. This block is then cut into useable flooring planks. Strand woven bamboo flooring review shows that this is a great alternative to the hardwood flooring and can withstand a lot of traffic and heavy furniture. With proper maintenance, this flooring type can last for multiple generations. Based on bamboo flooring review, strand woven materials resemble exotic hardwoods.

The Best Supplier in the Industry

Wood Floors Plus boasts the best products and pricing in the market. They have a much larger selection of products in stock than their competitors. Their customer service is great. In case you have any query or need assistance when shopping for a flooring product that suits you, there will be a knowledgeable associate available to help you. They are very clear on their return policy. The products are offered at a large discount without any loss in quality. It is recommended that you do a bit of research to get an idea of the bamboo floor type you want before you go shopping. You can also purchase from them online with guaranteed delivery.

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Bamboo flooring, as said in expert bamboo flooring review websites, is made either using the plank type procedure whereby the bamboo strips are laminated together to form flooring planks or by weaving the floors together to form a stranded bamboo flooring. The stranded flooring is made using excess bamboo pieces which are then woven together tightly, coated with an adhesive and tightly compressed and permitted to set up. The resultant material is cut into planks which are used as flooring.

best strand woven bamboo flooring review

Adhesive coating and the compression period in part makes stranded flooring stronger than the plank bamboo flooring. Its main strength comes from the process of weaving which creates tightly locked bonds that are superior in strength compared to unwoven materials of a similar type.


And that was a comprehensive bamboo flooring review that introduced you to the basics of the different types of bamboo flooring. From the important qualities up to the most reliable sources, this article has got them all covered. Through this informative guide, this site hoped that you now know exactly where to go for your bamboo flooring needs.