Hard Wood Floors

Hard wood is one of the most expensive and most in demand house flooring material because of its durability, environmental profile and restorability. It can be made of timber and some are made from bamboo grass to make hard wood floors.

There are two types of hard wood floors; solid hard wood and engineered hard wood floors.

  • Solid Hard Wood – they are made from timber planks used originally for structural purposes installed perpendicular to the beams constructed inside the building also known as bearers or joists. These refinishing hard wood floors have thicker surface and can be polished with sand paper many times compared to engineer wood floor. Several houses in Easter Canada and New England have original hard wood floors that have lasted hundred years.

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  • Engineered Wood Flooring – Engineered wood flooring consists of 2 or additional layers of wood of on timber plank. The highest layer on the surface, the lamella, can easily be noticed and visible once the flooring is put in and is adhered to the core. The augmented stability of designed wood is achieved by running every layer at a 90° angle to the layer on top of. This stability makes it a universal product that may be put in over every kind of subfloors on top of, below or on grade. Designed wood is that the commonest form of wood flooring used globally. There square measure many totally different classes of designed wood flooring:

    • All timber wooden floors square measure are made of sawn wood and square measure the foremost common class of designed wood flooring. They are doing not use rotary bare-ass veneer, composite wood such as HDF, or plastic in their construction.

    • Veneer floors use a skinny layer of wood with over a core that’s unremarkably a composite wood product.

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Cost of Hard Wood

It is no denying that timber woods can cost so much especially when it has become planks and making hard wood flooring. Polished flooring will result to a sparkling glossy finish of wooden floors. If you want to install hard wood for your flooring but not sure yet whether you can afford it, you can ask for assistance in costing at one of the most popular makers of hard wood flooring, the Wood Floors Plus company will assist you on your home planning and renovation ideas. There are cheap hard wood floors available in the market that offers the same durability and quality. More and more companies are offering discounted price on flooring materials. You can choose from laminate, hard wood, refinished bamboo, and vinyl flooring.

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Maintenance and Restoration

One of the best benefits of having hard wood is its easy maintenance and restoration. Since floors are prone to scratch, spoils, spills and moisture, there are many products especially designed to protect and maintain the shine and luster of hard wood flooring. There are also wood companies ready to give their services in restoring your floors with professional skills and equipment. This is advised if you have a big house to maintain and a mere bottle from the store could not do the job in maintaining your floors and if you are willing to spend for professional services in cleaning hard wood flooring.

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Investing on your house is a good way to spend your money. A well maintained house can be in the long term prove to be profitable because as time goes by, a good sturdy house will become more valuable than it was ever first made. That’s why hard wood floors and other quality housing materials should be your topmost priority when building your house that you would live for the rest of your life.