Before You Invest In The Engineered Wood Flooring

There are different choices for your flooring materials and each choice has their own unique aesthetic appeal and functionality. Considering all the available choices, wood is still the preferred choice by many home owners. Different treatments are being applied to the solid wood so that it can last for as many years as possible. The engineered wood flooring is gaining popularity among homeowners who appreciates the classic beauty of solid wood and laminated flooring.

It Is Real Wood?

Laminated flooring uses a combination of wood chip composite at the base and on top is a melamine-infused paper. This is the least of your choice if you want to show off a solid wood finish in your living room. On the other hand, solid wood is real wood on both ends, no matter if you tune it upside down. The usual setbacks when you choose solid wood is its installation and moisture.

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If you are not skilled in installing solid wood flooring, you will need to invest further on a skilled professional to do the work for you. No matter how careful you are with your floor, sooner or later moisture wood still get the best out of it, which is why laminated options are always knocking on the other door. This makes you in a very confused situation because you want to have the beauty of solid wood but you can’t control your environment.

This is the perfect timing for the engineered wood flooring to enter the scene. Engineered wood is real wood. It is a sandwich of non-finish plywood at the bottom and finish wood on top. Wood Floors Plus are the experts in your flooring needs and you will not just get the best deal in your wood flooring needs but also other flooring options that will best suit your interior needs.

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Is It The Best Option?

There are a handful of reasons that would make the engineered wood flooring the best from the rest. If you are looking for the best engineered wood flooring form its long line of options, then it is safe to say that you have to base it with the flooring species. They can come from;

  • Bamboo – cheap and “green”

  • Maple – elegant dining and living room look

  • Oak – traditional beauty

  • Hickory – timeless feeling around the house

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Engineered Wood Flooring Reviews

Customer reviews are always needed to better understand the true nature of any product. The description and promises on the brochure does not always accurately deliver since it is always a case to case basis. Product description is just a general overview of what the product can offer and through this, it can at the very least, point the customer to the right direction.

In every customer review you will always have cost as the most, if the first, factor to be discussed. Engineered wood is more expensive than its laminated counterpart. However, engineered wood is more resilient to moisture and you can do the process of sanding 2-3 times in its whole existence.

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Just consider the longer time that this type of wood flooring will last, and you will be convinces that it is a better investment in the long run. So if you are looking for cheap engineered wood flooring, your best chance of getting a good deal is online. Online stores can offer free shipment and even professional installation, but the retail price would still be higher.

There has been a lot buzz when the engineered wood flooring was first introduced. Obviously, this flooring material is an evolution that provides several advantages that were missing from its older counterparts. It is designed to provide the short comings of the other flooring options, thus making it the best wood flooring option today, especially of you are doing a house remodeling project.